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I'm Not Afraid by Crysums I'm Not Afraid by Crysums
A scene from a roleplay of mine and Abbie's. When they confess their lurve. It's when he's leaning in to kiss her for the first time.

They're in the rain and the words up there that are probably unreadable say 'I'm not afraid. I love you.' cause Ryou says that to her before he finally kisses her.

As to why he says that...Ryou tells Jisheo he loves her, Jisheo loves him to...but runs away. He chases her and she tells him she loves him, but cant be with him and finally tells him about her cursed eye that turns people to stone if they look at it (she keeps it covered all the time) and tells him about a nightmare she had where she accidentally turned him to stone. He doesnt care about her eye cause he loves her. She surprisingly asks him 'arent you afraid that you might become stone?' and he responds with the 'I'm not afraid. I love you' phrase and kisses her. Muawhahaha

Jisheo (and her story) copyright me
Ryou copyright
The RP scenario copyright both of us
syrupee-kitten Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007
aaawwwllll........ lovely story. you were always so good with those. if you ever had the time it'd be neat to see a book of your drawings with all your rp scenes. XD what happens after though.... does he turn into stone?
Crysums Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007  Student Digital Artist
Heheh, thanks xD But its in joint with Abbie. We both come up with scenes and then RP them out cause we wanna make it a manga sometime.
Nope, he's still normal. But the longer she stays with him, the more she loves him and the more she becomes afraid to be near him cause of her cursed eye, so she runs away one day in an attempt to find the cure and keep him safe at the same time
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February 14, 2007
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