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Dec 31 - Celenia by Crysums Dec 31 - Celenia by Crysums
I'm sick and worked 7 hours today and then my dad hogged the a 20 min late pencil drawing...20 minutes of freaking cleaning up the drawing D< -drew it on line paper and took forever deleting the lines-

This is Himo's twin sister. Celenia. Shes a leutant or something Angel. Her rank gets her a 2nd pair of wings making her a 4 winged Angel. I dont think there is such thing as 4 winged angels in reality (there are 6 wings though, the seraphims) so um...I guess I kinda need to make up a name for them or something -shrugs-

She has a fiesty attitude. Especially towards Demons. She really hates them. And at first she accusses Himo of being a Demon when she first meets him (they never grew up together) because he has no wings and has tattoos (well only one, his cheek arrow...she just thinks the marks on his back are tattoos as well). She also claims he reeks of Demon (most likely from having grown up down there...and the seals on his back). Eventually she acceptes him as her twin bro...and kinda as an Angel.
SHes proficient at archery (she kinda has to be to be a leutant Angel thing) and the flags (too lazy to explain that)
Her weaknesses are her temper towards certain things and that she is kinda scatter-brained sometimes.

Celenia belongs to me
Lavabeast Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2007
YAY YOU WIN! So far, you are the third to complete the whole thing! :D
Crysums Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2007  Student Digital Artist
WHOOT! Yay for persistance xD
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December 31, 2007
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