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Bleeding Heart by Crysums Bleeding Heart by Crysums
I drew Yono lyk omg. I dunno why, but I felt like drawing Yono. It kinda looks like her head is too big for her body...but maybe it's just because her one leg is kinda hidden behind the other....I dunno, hard to tell :/

It friggin hard to think of a design for gothy pants or...whatever you call those pants.

Yono's randomly gained ear piercings and an eyebrow ring in this pic o.O And she has finally discovered belts xD -pokes old pics of her baggy pants being so low from falling off that her panties showed-

My effin wrist nearly fell off colouring that damn heart -kicks colour pencils- I havent colour penciled since that one pic and so now my wrist isnt use to it x_x

And now I shall hide this from my mom...she won't like the heart in the bg and will think I have issues or something...she was already asking me why I was drawing a goth or emo (it's not emo! Why can't she understand the difference between goth and emo? gawd)

Yono coloured in with Prisma Colour Markers
Highlights done with white acrylic
outlines with graphite
BG and pants wrinkles done with Prisma Colour Pencils

Yono copyright me
flynfreako Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
she's really cute! i LOVE the outfit and coloring :D
*shakes head about your mom* i like the heart XD and yeah, just cuz you draw stuff like that doesn't mean you have issues XD
Crysums Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
I like the heart too. I know, it's not like I'm running around dressed like that xP -just likes to draw those clothes-
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October 28, 2006
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