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Neglected Deviantart again ugh. posting a bunch of backlog masks!

if you want to see more up to date my stuff the best place is on twitter!!!! :)

otherwise, enjoy the new mask posts! :) thanks for enjoying my work!
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Alright so, I've constantly been slacking on getting stuff posted here as I post them on furaffinity. but I don't want to flood a bunch of my works all at once. that's just not good for anyone. so I have some I'll be posting sometime soon ^_^ got a few up already .

Also, I'm getting mighty done with FA. I really don't want to be because I have my largest watcherbase there and it is so easy to use. Just. tons of messages, likes, favs, watches, and even posts posted being completely wiped because of some sort of breach around BLFC weekend? That's just shit. I'm tired. Tired of this constantly happening. then it goes into read only mode for a few days now. So tired. Going to try and not continue to be the problem and post more on other sites. and try to ween off of FA. I am incredibly saddened. and I may not be ABLE to if my sales hurt because of it. but I will try.

anyhow. see more from me shortly! I have much more to post!

Whoo! uploading quite a lot of submissions! :)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 3:41 AM
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Feature Chat

only about a year's worth of submissions that I never uploaded here! Here's to hoping in the new year I'll do more here! :) 

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I really have entirely and utterly neglected this page. I just get the most traffic over on Furaffinity. it's easiest to work over there :/ 

All of the artwork here is so old! I have way way way more stuff updated on FA. ugh. I can try to upload a bunch of old stuff here but it'll be a lot of work Xb 

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I have been gone from this page for a long time D:

I am just uploading a bunch of things that I never uploaded on here and I'm going to TRYYY to keep this place updated >:C grr.
Hey. so since I can't figure out how to delete this journal uh. I'm just removing all info. all of my prices are always changing and I cannot give you quotes for things I am not doing. IE I AM NOT TAKING COMMISSIONS!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO GIVE YOU A QUOTE!

For a guess. my heads START AT $1000 .