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Female Khajiit cosplay head . make offers.

Finally got around to finishing up a khajiit on my old old khajiit base.


nft "hair"
follow eyes
lower jaw piece
moving jaw
fits 23" heads.
airbrushed ivory luxury shag fur.
horse hair whiskers
long zipper in back of head

please note the mannequin this mask is on has a particularly long neck. if you have a shorter neck it may look a little more odd as a cosplay. as the game characters have longer more slender necks. (hence me not using it myself)

shoot me an offer if you'd like this mask. any offer I find fair enough I will probably take. please note my commission information tab… for my normal pricing to know around what around to offer. (in other words please no "I'll give you $200 for mask" .)

I will prefer full up front to payments. I kind of really need full up front. I may consider payments. but please keep that in mind. I can also create a tail for an extra charge of $90.
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Can u make a male version of this if I pay u? Can u also do custom made if I send u a picture of one I would like? How much do u charge?
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How much do you charge for work this great?
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O_O this is AMAZING!!! where it says "follow eyes" what does that mean? and how difficult is it to see while wearing it? THIS IS SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC WORK!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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By "follow eyes" it means that no matter the perspective you have when looking at it, the eyes will always be on you.
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I'm really interested in buying. This is so well done! I don't even know where to begin with offering! Did you have a price in mind?
OH MY GOD THIS IS UNBELEIVABLE!!!!!! it is so realistic and awesome and, and.... I need to take a few breathes this is soooo beautiful!!!! I play Skyrim too:)
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Damn , i wish i had ordered my Puma / Khajiit partial from you instead of Lion of the Sun , at least it would look like a proper Khajiit :/
Awesome work by the way :D
I like how it has the same sort of expression as most Khajiits in game , almost smiling :) Mine looks utterly pissed :x
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Oh shit! This is amazingly beautiful.
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May your road lead you to warm sands.
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Looks great, but was the underbite intentional?
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it has the feline fluff on the chin. that probably is causing it.
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aahhh just got done playing this! looks awesome!
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