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Hello There Fellow Cry Fan!Welcome To Crystuck!However It Isn't Exactly Crystuck Anymore.Rather It's Youtuberstuck.Meaning A Crossover With Homestuck,And All Youtubers.


:bulletblue: Please Submit To The Right Folder.

:bulletblue: No One Under ANY Circumstances Can Show Hate Towards Both Members And Art.

:bulletblue: If You Have Fan Art That's Not Related To Youtuberstuck,But Would Still Like To Submit It,Please Submit It To The "Not Related To Youtuberstuck" Folder

:bulletblue:Simply Have Fun With The Idea Of The Crossover!


:iconcryfans: CryFans Sup :iconcryplayfan: CryPlayFan Someday, Cry WILL rule the world

Gallery Folders

Godtier!Toby sprite by BlackAngelWhiteSky
Minx youtuberstuck sprite by BlackAngelWhiteSky
Cry youtuberstuck sprite by BlackAngelWhiteSky
Cry and Pewdie by yellowstarcake
Trickster!ChaoticMonki/Cry by jadethehedgehog21
ADVENTURE (art trade) by oricol
Rogue of Life by Nechku
Other Youtubers
Trickster!Cry: propose to your sempai by Arse-Peach
Stephanobot by oricol
what am i doing by oricol
Shipping Youtubers With Their Patron Trolls by oricol
Not Related To Youtuberstuck
Cryaotic Pouch Hoodie! by Queenite


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Yes The Founder Of This Group Is Indeed An Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth Fan.Any Who Incase You Were Planning To Draw Them Here's Thier God Tiers And Other Stuff(Just A Note,I Came Up With NONE Of This)

~God Tiers~

Geoff - Knight Of Space

Ryan - Seer Of Void

Jack - Mage Of Light

Ray - Rogue Of Heart

Gavin - Prince Of Time

Michael - Heir Of Rage





Land of Shade and Frogs
Geoff’s land is virtually unexplorable until he lights the Forge. He’s stuck in inpenetrable darkness, and the volcano that he’ll coincidentally live near will ignite these pillars to light the way - they look similar to aqueducts, except they’re nearer to the ground and have oil inside them rather than water. His Consorts (Crocodiles) made them. The oil comes from lakes of oil that the Consorts harvest to supply to the oilqueducts (I have no better name omg I’m sorry for being lame). Other than that, the planet is relatively normal looking. It’s very similar to John’s, but more forested and not filled to the brim with rivers of oil.

Land of Tundras and Spring(I Actually Did Come Up With Ryan's Medium :b)
Ryan's Land Is Basically A Nearly Barren Land With Plenty Of Stream,Rivers And Lakes.His Consorts(Turtles)Used To Enjoy The Everlasting Spring Until The Denizen Made It A Frozen Wasteland,Freezing Up All Bodies Of Water,Ultimately Taking His Consorts' Main Food Source.His Quest Is To Defeat The Denizen In Order To Restore The Everlasting Spring,And Restoring Their Food Source.

Land of Trees and Beams
Jack’s planet is densely forested. The canopy of his towering trees hardly let any light down, so it’s very dark. His planet has Hummingbirds, but they’re all trapped above the canopy. His quest is to thin the forest out a little and bring light back into the forest.

Land of Hills and Pits
Ray’s land would be kind of similar to Jane’s in how, as a Hero of Life (I’m going with the titles I made before, by the way), he has to restore his planet to its former glory. His Consorts (Iguanas) inform him that Butterflies (like Jade’s Hummingbirds or John’s Fireflies) used to thrive on the green, grassy hills he sees, once filled with flowers and life. But one day, his Denizen put a curse on the world and the flowers withered and died. The Denizen also enslaved the Consorts, forcing them to build it grand offerings underground where it sleeps. In the deep pits, you can go down and see huge monoliths and buildings carved into the rocks, and tunnels that lead into underground cities. Ray’s quest is to free his Consorts, and bring the flowers back to the hills so the butterflies can live there again. The flowers are, of course, roses.

Land of Shores and Spires
Gavin’s planet is very pretty. It’s like an endless tropical island, with clear blue skies and crystal clear beaches. Even the cathedrals (similar to the ones on Derse/Prospit/LoWaA) are of a blue tone. The Denizen was eating all the Doves of his planet, and his Consorts (Salamanders) scared them away and told them they could return when all the bells of the planet were ringing. Unfortunately, Consorts aren’t incredibly intelligent, and they didn’t have any way of making this happen. His quest is to find a way to do it, and, of course, make sure his Denizen doesn’t stir shit up again.

Land of Paths and  ̵́͡͡ ̕͜ ̵́͢͝ ̵̡̛̕͠ ̀͘͘͟͜ ̨͜͏͠ ̡͟ ̷̛͟͡͡ ̵̛͜͡ ̀̕͏
So what if Michael scratched his disk before he put it in? And he just put it in and hoped that it would work, but there was a glitch in the land generator, and he got stuck with this? It’s a minor glitch - one that wouldn’t much impede in the overall success of the game, but a bad one nonetheless. His planet is birthed with no consorts, forcing someone to come bring some of theirs to help the server build, and instead he gets a slenderman-esque entity that just follows him, keeping to the shadows mostly, but Michael catches glimpses of him from the corner of his eye. As for the landscape of the planet itself; it’s a winding, neverending forest, with a path running through it that branches and goes every which way. It’s easy to get lost. Being on a dead planet filled with creepy monsters that he can only get a fleeting glance at before they melt into the shadows, as well as having to fight through imps and gliclopses and the other underlings, all while trying to explore without starving and dying, are probably going to fuck with Michael a lot.


Welp,That's All Folks.Have A Great Day/Night!
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BiloGinzeng Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY HOLLY MOLLY!!! Youtubers + Homestuck = My dreams come true! *-*
Arse-Peach Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
if you like this the you should join :iconyoutuberstuck:
MixUpTheMintz Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its not letting me submit into the right folders... :/ so i kinda just submitted into the featured folder if thats alright... 
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It's Fine ^^
oricol Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question.
What do you think Cry's godtier would be?
also this whole crystuck thing is a fabulous idea
i wanna help make it more popular in any way i can
Arse-Peach Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw you made Cry the Page of Void(even though its Horuss God Tier first) but i always seen Troll!Cry's aspect as either Space or Mind. IDK thats just me :P
oricol Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I only went with that because I tried answering a godtier personality quiz how I though he might, and that's what came up....
i tried another godtier generator i found, and through a bunch of semi-random clicking, it ended up saying bard of mind....
don't know which is better
Arse-Peach Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

l poor cry, trying on the most weirdest God Tier Designs XD

I was kinda thinking he'd be more of a Heir kind of person :P

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