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Crystori 2009 by Crystori Crystori 2009 by Crystori
Crystori 2009 by Crystori (print image)


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After playing with a sketch for a long time and being completely unable to revive my dead scanner..... I decided to doodle this instead. Congrats, I've actually finished something for once. Or well..... to be quite honest this is pretty crappy and lazily done. gotta admit that it looks cool though!!!! anywho this is the 2009 re-design I promised way back when BEFORE 2009. we are year half done and I've finally finished a colored picture of her fantastic cool self. now BTW those are most definitely NOT wheels you are seeing. they are meant to look like them but they actually are speakers cause I'm a music-aholic. Yes yes, I know, admittance is the first step to recovery. ANYHOW I will be in the process of making that costume as.... it's cool and I want to wear that.

.....I've been thinking of a tattoo.... what do you guys think of her arm band? (other than "it's drawn badly") I know it's simple and stuff but..... still nice. right

btw I am VERY aware of how crappy it is- BUT, I still want some decent helpful comments suggesting what is wrong with anatomy and whatnot and a suggestion on how to fix. ok? ok.
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June 27, 2009
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