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FREE DIVIDER: Kira Kira Love by Crystal-Moore

What is Special Arts? :floating:

I really love the feeling of my collection of art from others piles up. I'm on a mission now, to see how many different members will draw me a lil' something something. I've been saving up points so I can support and or buy commissions. It's not a lot, and so far ranging from a subtle 80-120:points: zone. Which is pretty nice if I keep up the groups and art. Anyway! Back to the real reason of this journal. I want to feature ALL the lovely arts all in one journal. So here we are! View all the lil goodies! <3 I'm very proud of them, and I suggest you look at the artists behind these magical arts!:gallery:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3

CrystalWolfx Face by proller17

Which is by:

Minecraft Speedart- CrystalWolfx (ft.KevinEssence) by eeyitscoco


Minecraft Rave by micajah3

CrystalWolfXx's Lineart Painted by Elseyourself

Projectxcraft by eeyitscoco


Crystalwolf Pixel-Art Blinky Icon by eeyitscoco

Point Commission: CrystalWolfXx by The-Doodle-Ninja

Ban Hammer Defense collab with CrystalWolfXx by Elseyourself



Gift: CrystalWolfXx by The-Doodle-Ninja

CrystalWolfXx, Blooz, and Sam by cloudystarr



Crystalwolfxx by InfamousHN

Commission: CrystalWolfXx by The-Pokita


Commissions :3 by Barakaldo

Gift For CrystalWolfxX by Scottman23

Commission: CrystalWolfXx by Katanauser98

<da:thumb id="398379702"/>
Minecraft CrystalWolfXx (Request by RedOfPalletTown

Syringe: Heart Injection by MissLadyMinx

More to come! I love seeing all the differently expressed art, and style! This is one of the most important reason I :heart: dA!
If you've made me one, tell me either here or by PM! Also It helps when you tag "CrystalWolfx" or "CrystalWolfXx" in the image tag's so it's easier to locate!
I love you all. :hug:

Strawberry - Free Icon by JupiterLily <- Also I want some chocolate strawberries.. they sound so delicious! :drool:
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CrystalWolfXx Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Really!? I really like that. I like that a lot. o:

YAY! :iconyushplz:
eeyitscoco Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you just need to have patience :D ~~Teehee
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May 18, 2013


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