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D3skinner Request/Gift

Owner of character: :icond3skinner:

Went paintballing today.. then I had an idea to redo something I wasn't too happy with. Besides, I got my recording software working kinda now. At least, it seemed to behave tonight.
Speedart of this will be uploaded soon.. it is taking a long time to render. Was a few hours I spent on it. Hope you like it d3... I like your character Isaac, he seems to be the kind of persona to do so.

Don't question how blocky hands hold a gun. I could have made it work, but then it would block the cool looking logo. >.<
Damn I'm so sore from paintball. xD 
I seem to be in a bit of a blue mood, so I took the time to think things while remaking this request/gift for a good friend. (:

Youtube Speedart Video:…
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Half a year waiting, and yet I'm pleased with it, no matter how this could have turned out. I love it!
Thank you so much for this! I'm sure Isaac loves it too! XD
A speed-art video as well? Awesome.

I use to love paintball, but to be honest I've yet to actually play it.

Thank you, Cryssi! <3
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I will indeed be making more arts of your characters, there is plenty to come in any way shape or form you like. (:
I need to finish other's requests before hand, however. ^^
Paintball is very fun, and I'm so unbelievably sore from it since I haven't been active all summer. xD
Anywho!! I gots a nickname now? :3
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