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:iconsoundwavelvr: Member of my group :iconminecraftians-united: has created this journal in effort of gathering those who wish to participate in her story. 
Her theme:…

For a character ref, please click the following link:
( Include the new feature of this character: Dog tags. )

Magic that changes with her emotion.

Sadness brings cold blue magic.
Anger brings fiery hot colored magic.
Joy brings bright colors such as greens, pinks, purples, and yellow.
Rare powerful magic used when awoken and provoked consist of all colors.

She is an excellent unarmed fighter; combining her magic with her dexterous ways can result in lethal blows. 

Her magic was given as a gift from the end, in hopes of her to protect the world.

An adventurer of the world, she has been everywhere and has gained much wisdom.
Was gifted with magic to protect the world in consideration to her exploration and knowledge.
Wears her love's dog tags to have a part of him forever near her heart, no matter where he is.

Would probably play in a story as an exclusive helper of the side with good intentions and ideals.. with her strength, intellect, and vigorous ways, her power can be useful and should be used wisely.

Hope you like her, she's my main character that reflects myself and my gaming ways~:heart: 
Please contact me her role or any questions regarding the story and my character.
Thank you!
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Just a late question, why did you add the dog tags? I got curious....
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I'm pretty sure it's a bad joke

Thatz one of da only things I'm good atCry emote 
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The magic emotion is really cool! What exactly does it do?
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Anger would burn,
sadness would freeze,
joy would.. sting..?
All else would just.. hurt..
AH... expect love.. love can heal.. <3
It's for the story I promoted in the description.. I like magic as my weapon so.. yeah. :D
Thank you ^^
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Hey, just a suggestion…

what if she did something that exploded…

It'll be like…'clears throat'


'thinks' LOL NOOBS!!…


just a thought

'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 'Awesome Emoticon' -Kaboom- 
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I'm confused? What she do?
She can be a flirt if thats what you mean? xD
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That's the coolest thing - and it's exactly what you would want to do in that moment
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