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Magmadon - Blaze Behemoth - Dauntless Fan Behemoth

Character  Dauntless Behemoth


I've been playing too much Dauntless. They behemoths are invading my dreams.

Here is the Magmadon! (I'm open to names). A Quetzalcoatlus inspired behemoth that steals the aether of the isles to super charge its wings and gem.

Attacks include:

- A Spin Dive where the Magmadon flies up then barrels down and across the field like a flaming top. This attack is interruptible if you can stand the heat.

-Beak Swipe - Get to close when it's on the ground and the Magmadon will turn and fling you across the arena with it's massive beak.

- When a Magmadon feels cornered, it'll fly to the other end of the arena and unless a flurry of Fire Needles from it's tail towards it's prey.

-Finally, charged with aether, the Magmadon can summon twin fireballs from its wings and fling them across the ground like an impending Meteor Strike to scorch everything in their path. The scorched earth will cause burn damage until its cooled down making it difficult for slayers to get to the now fatigued Magmadon. However, if you can brave the impending apocalypse and make it below the Magmadon, you can find an opening to strike once it plants itself on the ground.

Breakable parts:
-Crystal on it's head

-Tail spikes

-The claws on its four feet.

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This is a cool design for the Blaze Behemoth