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Personal Quote(s):
-"Saying you haven’t been able to draw what you want to draw is the same as admitting your own lack of talent." (Hisashi Sasaki-Bakuman)
-"People, who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything." (Armin Arlet-Attack on Titan)
-"If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win." (Eren Jeager-Attack on Titan)
-"However terrifying the world may be, it doesn't matter. However cruel the world may be, it doesn't matter. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" (Eren Jeager-Attack on Titan)
-"When we're born, all of us are free. People who deny that, no matter how strong they are, don't matter." (Eren Jeager-Attack on Titan)
-"Even if you feel lost in the sea of numbers, that doesn't mean you are insignificant in any way. That doesn't mean you don't have a voice. That doesn't mean you can't make a difference." (Markiplier-2015)
-"If you want to do anything, anything at all, no matter how hard it may seem to do, the only thing you have to do: is start." (Markiplier-2015)
-"A fundamental principle we all agree on is 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. It's not the spoon-feeding of happiness or the giving of happiness, it is the fact that if you want something: You Need To Earn It." (Markiplier-2015)
-"If even one subscriber watches me, that's more important that getting a thousand more." (Markiplier)
-"I'm going to be better because I have to be better. Not just for me. I have to do better because you hold me to this high standard." (Markiplier)

:iconsnazzycrackedwhip:- SnazzyCrackedWip

:icontacomachine31:- Tacomachine31
:iconkrisantyne:- Krisantyne
:iconplasmacat13:- Plasmacat13
:icongxfan537:- Gxfan537
:iconbakublader:- BakuBlader
:iconjayeyedwolf:- JayEyedWolf
:iconasuma17:- Asuma17
:iconfizzpuff:- risesatspring

Funny Media things:
THE SOURCE OF ALL NIGHTMARES by ZoraSteam Dog Face by Tumthe3:thumb460504162: facepalm by AddMedia:thumb268379195: Stitch clap plz by RoxasPikachu

Inspirations/Favorite Artists: (No particular order)
:iconyuumei:- Yuumei
:iconnoktowl:- Noktowl
:iconnanfe:- NanFe
:iconmark331:- Mark331
:iconfalvie:- Falvie
:iconshawnnl:- ShawnnL
:iconsa-dui:- Sa-Dui
:iconkipine:- Kipine
:iconlhuin:- Lhuin
:iconshadeofshinon:- ShadeofShinon
:icondestinyblue:- DestinyBlue
:iconsharkie19:- Sharkie19
:iconchuwenjie:- chuwenjie
:iconamazingartistyellow:- AmazingArtistYellow
:iconall0412:- All0412
:iconvooron:- Grypwolf
:iconvesner:- Vesner
:iconmorigalaxy:- Chukairi
:iconshilin:- Shilin
:iconry-spirit:- Ry-Spirit
:iconjon-lock:- Jon-Lock
:iconqinni:- Qinni
:icontsaoshin:- TsaoShin
:iconkawacy:- Kawacy
:iconkiku-atama:- Kiku-atama
:iconivanlaliashvili:- Ivany86
:iconsakimichan:- Sakimichan
:iconpyrochasm:- Pyrochasm
:iconmarmed2015:- MariaMediaHere
:iconzarla:- Zarla
:iconozumii:- Ozumii
:iconwalkingmelonsaaa:- PikminAAA
:iconneytirix:- Neytirix
:iconclockbirds:- Clockbirds

Favorite/Insprational Nuzlockes:
:iconyindragon:- YinDragon 'FireRed Kick@$$ Mode'…
:iconmad-revolution:- Mad-Revolution 'Red Madness'…
:iconpettyartist:- Pettyartist 'Nuzlocke Challenge LeafGreen/HeartGold'……
:iconland-walker:- Land-walker 'Land-walker's Yellow Nuzlocke…
:iconprotocol00:- Protocol00 'Death's Nuzlocke'…
:iconfullxmetalxgir:- fullxmetalxgir 'Cotton Green'…
:iconclassywurmple:- ClassyWurmple 'A Child's Game'…
:iconmirshroom:- Nyapapa 'Desu's Emerald Nuzlocke…
:iconkgscribbles:- KGScribbles 'The Accidental Black Nuzlocke'…
:iconmewitti:- Mewitti 'Alterity'…
:iconteamheartgold:- TeamHeartGold 'Reign: The Brightest Flame...'…
:iconnotomys-mordax:- Notomys-Mordax 'Day of the Phoenix'…
:iconkrisantyne:- Krisatyne 'First Summer'…
:iconrose-star:- rose-star 'Sparks, Fly!…

I'm an artist-in-training as I like to call myself and I'm always interested in how to improve my artwork. I'm currently an Art + Design student in College and my dream is to become a Game Designer and work for one of my favorite game company's like Her Interactive and Nintendo

Stitch by DonatePoints123
You don't get it...STAMP by Kairi292 Tablet isn't shame - stamp by AngiShyArt Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon
:thumb278735857: Motivation Fail by Isriana Everybody is a Genius Stamp by mylastel Amateur Artist Stamp by Ravenclaw-Vampire Inspiration Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Markiplier: Dancing by Oreleth I love Red Pandas by WishmasterAlchemist Llama spam stamp by ohhperttylights .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf
Moves Like Jaeger Stamp by wow1076 Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro:thumb387731909: Stamp: Eren flies by Lily-de-Wakabayashi Attack On Titan Stamp: Amrin 2 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 3 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Free! Anime ED Dance by wow1076:thumb425427321::thumb425428152::thumb425427368: Stamp: Yukine (Noragami) by Espyfluff:thumb93151409::thumb93151924: Kuroko stamp by Superpluplush
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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I guess there's a reason he's my favorite character. [It's Tails since this is broken]

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____♥_♥____ Yuki
_____♥_____ Judai

Current Residence: North Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack/Instrumental
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish styles that mix slight realism
MP3 player of choice: SoundCloud
Favourite cartoon/anime character(s): Edward Elric/Danny Phantom/Kazuya Shibuya(Naru)/ Zak Saturday/ Lee Ping
Role Model/ Inspirational People: Markiplier- Mark Edward Fischbach, Jacksepticeye- Sean McLoughlin, Joshia 'Jazza' Brooks

Favourite Visual Artist
Luhin, Noktowl, Pettyartist
Favourite Movies
Pokemon Heroes, CyberDog, The Secret World of Arriety
Favourite TV Shows
Dr. Who, FullMetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Kyle XY
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Rise Against, Two Steps from Hell, Three Days Grace, Imagine Dragons, Hadouken!, Future World Music, Fired Earth Music
Favourite Books
A Dog's Life, The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, The Lost Hero
Favourite Games
Drawn to Life:The Next Chapter, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS, Wii
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Bammboo Create Tablet
Other Interests
Video Games, Animation, Music, Graphic Design
Wow I've only made one journal post between this and the last New Years Journal. And technically no uploads. (The Magmadon I uploaded minutes before this does not count.) Well if you have stumbled here passerby Hello! Welcome. I am not dead. I'm just terrible at having an online presence. XD It's been a year. Not going to go into my whole life story, since this is an art place, but there were highs and lows and it was a pretty neat 2019. I've been thinking about uploading all my work from the past year over this winter break, but the torture of me doing that last year has driven me off from doing so - instead of having me do it in a timely manner as it should've but oh well. Instead of doing everything and the little art of the month meme, I'll upload the notable things I did - mostly what I remember - and update this journal as I do so. I probably won't all be done today, but maybe that's okay. I hope you're all doing well. I wish you all the best and have a happy 2020.
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After a long-awaited 2 YEARS, (It's been too long), I finally have a new speedpaint! It's been in production limbo all this time because my dinosaur of a laptop doesn't like to edit things. Presenting, the speedpaint for Blue-Green Bubbles: (Which will technically be out tomorrow, Friday, at 9 am ;D) I'm moving my video editing to my home computer so optimistically I hope I'll be able to get more videos done and have them uploading while I'm at school for the fall. Thank you for reading/watching! Have a lovely day!
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Hello everyone! Oof has it really been nearly a year since my last journal post? Sorry about that. I hope you're all doing well! It's New Year's Eve here so I thought what better time to update my gallery with the years work! It's been a busy year. I've gone through 2 more college semesters, started my art major in the fall, took up keychain making, been doing some small commissions, accepted myself as being a furry. (I think most of that was in the later months but that's okay. I don't remember the early months too well at this moment X'D) Anyway, here comes a large gallery update! (Because I haven't stopped being an artist. I'm just bad
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Happy Birthday! *hugs you* :)
Thanks for the watch >u<
Thank you so much for the watch!!
Thank you so much!!!Hug meh Mark|Markiplier and JackSepticEye emotion