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It was a mass of vast desert land, covered in sand too deep to inhabit. A sea of beige shrouded the land and it was difficult to imagine anything else living in the area. Everything, that is, except the small oasis and traditional isolated village in the middle. They stood either side of an oversized hill, which sheltered the residents from sudden gusts of wind and sandstorms. During the day, the small community was busy with the sounds of market stall merchants drawing attention to their goods and the screams of children chasing each other. However, night was the time when the quieter dwellers revealed themselves and allowed nature's bustle to continue unnoticed.
Silence. The moonlit sky reflected perfectly on the water. A light, subtle breeze made its mark in the lake, creating small ripples in the otherwise statuesque view. The sky was clear: not a cloud could be seen, the stars shone like glowing coals in the distance, and the silver orb hung in the sky as if held up by invisible s
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Shadow Games
Long ago in the ancient past
I remember a life when we first met
In a dark shadow world
Under a big full moon
There and then I could tell
You'd try to break my will

How could I forget? It seems like such a close memory, yet so distant. The sky was clear, the moon was high, and everything was in order. The stars were aligned. The air was still and the night warm. Yet there was still something amiss. You sprang from the darkness, your immediate presence and power overwhelming.
"Why are you here?" you demanded, both anger and fear prominent in your tone and actions. I smiled, brushing my long brown hair to one side. I held up a large golden pendant in the form of an inverted figure, a variation of the Eye of Horus carved prominently into its features.
"This." I smiled, swinging it rhythmically like a pendulum. You lunged forward, yelling.
"You fool!"
I rolled away from your reach, closer to the riverbank. I waded into the water, taking this precious item with me, my face straight a
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Team Aqua by CrystalWing Team Aqua :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 1 16 Mad as a Hatter by CrystalWing Mad as a Hatter :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 0 0 ID for me by CrystalWing ID for me :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 0 0 Slifer.. again by CrystalWing Slifer.. again :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 0 3 Michelangelo by CrystalWing Michelangelo :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 0 0 Raphael by CrystalWing Raphael :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 0 0 Leonardo by CrystalWing Leonardo :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 1 4 He's tall D: by CrystalWing He's tall D: :iconcrystalwing:CrystalWing 0 4
Scarlet Part 4
Days passed, and after a while the unusually quiet common room seemed to be recovering from the loss of the quietly mad. I had a letter written out ready to send to Lottie, but I couldn’t be bothered to send it. For obvious reasons. Which if you haven’t guessed by now you deserve to be SHOT. Or slapped with a wave of my awesomeness.
Actually, I’m going to assume you haven’t guessed.
The main reason is Quidditch. Supporting the team and all that jazz. It wouldn’t be for gawking at the star beater, because anyone who knows me will know I’m not shallow. And that I’m secretly a Cornish pixie. There might be a bit of homework mixed up somewhere in there too, but not much. This, of course, means “huge pile of unfinished work,” because being so fantastic takes some effort.
You know, this is probably why I get on with the Marauders. If procrastination was one of the seven deadly sins, I’d be the devil in disguise. Not that you’d know anywa
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Howard Carter
For years I had been waiting for this moment. Finally, after years of unsuccessful attempts of unlocking the secrets only I seemed to know existed; I could shed some light on what would be my greatest revelation in a place where other Egyptologists had given up searching.
After my previous failure, I had pulled out a map of the Valley of the Kings, studied each opening closely, and marked out a precise location. I was positive that this time, we would find it. I would not have another chance; this would be the final time the Lord had promised fund my excavations. This time, my efforts were to be rewarded and my men and I would discover the steps that lead me to this: Tutankhamun's tomb.
Buried amongst his ancestors in the Valley of the Kings, this tomb was situated directly below that of Ramesses VI, the usurper of his nephew's throne, power and tomb. After being part of an expedition to uncover Queen Hatshepsut's temple by the age of twenty, it was an honour to be able to lead my own
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...I have most definitely been neglecting this account. I simply haven't had the time to do /anything/...

If you want an update (Which I guess you don't... I'm fairly sure barely anyone comes here these days) things have sort of.. stagnated. I always seem to be busy, but I never seem to get any further with, well, anything. It's probably a lot to do with me, and my frame of mind.

Maybe one day I'll feel a little more creative. One day. I would love to get back to writing again. Maybe even drawing. I just feel so drained though =/

So if you want to request a short story, or a description, let me know? It might help.


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