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Harry Potter and the Prisonner of Azkaban

Harry Potter meets Disney :la:
Two of my favourite things together :love:

Finally complete the third romance from JKR in Disney key. Can you gas this time Who is Who?
Hope you like it :heart:
This is my favourite book by far, also it was the first one i read.

Check here for more DisneyPotter:…

I don't claim the drawing as mine:
Screencaps belong to Disney; book by JKR.
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What's with all the purple?
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That's pretty neat having Roger as Lupin and Adam/Beast as Sirius, even Marahute as Buckbeak is fitting.
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Marahute's Buckbeak? Cool!!!
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Since this is a Disney parody for Harry Potter, I guess she's a perfect fit since she's an eagle and Buckbeak is part-eagle/part-horse.
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these are beautiful and so creative! <3
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Really? Thank you so much! It's nice to have feedbacks like yoursLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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really, you make a good job^^ Congratulation :)
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OOoooh!! This is perfect!! Each character suits the Harry Potter character so well!! :love:
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Thank you, sweetie :3 
Though, i wish to change something, because i'd like to add Fed and George and Hagrid somewhere back :)
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You're welcome! ^^
You could probably add them in another picture, perhaps. Or you can edit this one to add them.
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Yes, that's what i wanted to do in the next weeks :D
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that's really nice
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I'm really happy you like it :D That was my fav book at all!
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*flips table* your my hero...
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Llama Emoji 02 (Blush) [V1] Llama Emoji 02 (Blush) [V1] Llama Emoji 02 (Blush) [V1] 

awawawwa :love:
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Okay... Roger (101 dalmatians) is Lupin, Tarzan's father is James Potter, Adam is Sirius, Lawrence (PatF) is Peter Pettigrew, Beast, Bambi's father, Tramp and the Rat from Lady and the Tramp are Moony, Prongs, Padfoot and Wormtail, Taran is Harry, Melody is Hermione, and I can't guess Ron.
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Well, Ron is very little :3 he's always Taran, by the Way!
Congratulations for all the righ guesses ❤❤❤
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Thanks... And why is both Harry and Ron Taran?
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Basically, because there are very few characters in Disney movies (not digital) who are from 11 to 14 or older years old in many and various poses (so, not just sneaking in the movie). 
For instance, Snowhite is suppoed to be 14ys. Rapunzel 18ys, Aurora 16 and so on.. Actually, i believe Disney doesn't have so much sense of aging. Especially with the youngest.. There's Semola, Taran, Peter Pan, Penny and so on.
I hope it explains my choices. Any tip?
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