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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter meets Disney :la:
Two of my favourite things together :love:
This is an original idea from this amazing guy that i've reproduced in my way (you can find the original picture that inspired me here:…. But i'd like to point out that this is not a copy-paste work: i've done all the pictures again and my project is to continue the saga with Disney characters. So, his picture just helped me to have been inspired and i've reproduced it as a tribute.
All credits goes to him, for that great idea.

Hope you like it, sorry if it's not perfect. I'm more on traditional way, but those rainy autumn days keep me more on computer than watercolours :heart: I've tried to use everything from Disney movies: from actors, to backgrounds.


Baby Tarzan (Tarzan) as baby Potter.
Arthur (The Sword in the Stone) as Harry.
Jenny (Oliver and Company) as Herione.
Taron (The Black Caudron) as Ron Weasley.
Merlin (The Sword in the Stone) as Dumbledore.
Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone) as Hedvig.
Tarzan's parents (Tarzan) as James Potter and Lily Evans.
Queen's Mirror (Snowhite) as Mirror of Erised.

Check here for more DisneyPotter:…

I don't claim the drawing as mine:
Screencaps belong to Disney; book by JKR.
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:wow: rvmp I like how you edited the Disney characters!
And where exactly did you get that diamond and turned it to the stone? Is that from a movie?
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You mean "Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone?"
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"Philosopher's Stone" was the title in the UK, where the book was originally published; "Sorcerer's Stone" is the alternate title for us in the USA.
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I like the Original Title called: "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone," though.
Oliviaquijano13's avatar
You mean "Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone?"
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James has a really awesome beard.
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I know lol
I should have made him without it right?
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I know that this may be a weird request but could you draw Taran as Draco and Arthur as Harry singing our love is God from Heathers?
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in teoria sì, in pratica il libro non ne parla, a 21 anni ognuno se la taglia come vuole  ^^
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It's up to you :)
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 love it i hope you soon make more :9
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I hope so. too!
I'm planning new characters, I'm very busy at the moemnt but I will :)
I want also to change some older stuff, because I didn't consider Hagrid and Fred or George :) Would really love to!
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Nice editing! I like your cast for the Harry Potter characters! :D
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Thanks <3 But the original idea was from Droo216 on Tumblr, not mine <3
When will you get to do the order of the pheonix meets disney
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As far as I'm done with my exams :)
I've done quite all the new characters :D
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Just realized something I had to tell you.

Ron's Eyes as per book canon Are blue. JK Rowling said so.
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Oh my Gosh! Really? I didn't knew that! YOU PRACTICALLY OPENED MY EYES :la: i should change it...well, i wanted also added Hagrid to be honest :)
Who would be Hagrid?
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yep. (I hope it's not a nuisance ^^;)

oooh who do you imagine as Hagrid?! (if you hadn't already picked him for mad-eye I would have said John Silver with a beard)
crystalwaterfall's avatar
I was thinking of that Giant from a Mickey Mouse and Donald and Goofy animation! Can't just remember the name right now >.<
Mairelyn's avatar
ooh! I can see that!

you mean "mickey and the beanstalk?" 
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