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Mysterious Lessons of the Past
The sounds of a piano playing drifted through the house, lovely and inviting. A young girl came to the top of the stairs and looked down curiously through the railings. She was small, looking only to be about five or six, with dark brown hair to the middle of her back and rather intense dark brown eyes for her age. She was wearing a little knee length blue and white summer dress with flowers patterned on it, and she was barefoot. She held onto the railing a moment as the song continued and she watched the empty hall below, and after a minute or so, she slowly began making her way downstairs.
She began creeping down the hall downstairs, her bare feet muffled by the thick wide rug that ran the entire length, all the way down the hall to the kitchen. She paused by one of the doors which was open, and she could see her parents sitting and standing at a desk together, talking over some papers. Her mother was pointing at something on the paper, an exasperated smile on her face. Her father lo
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 1 0
Mysterious Birthday
A young woman stood by a window, sighing softly to herself as she looked out past the glass, her slender fingers holding back the sheer curtains. She could see the tops of buildings in town in the distance over the iron fence surrounding her home. Her hair was left loose today, with the sides braided and pulled back and joined with a small hair clip decorated with pearls and deep red stones. She blinked her bright gold eyes, though they were a little sad today.
She was wearing a deep dark red dress today, with delicate beading and lace done in a pattern around her neckline and down the center of the ruffled bodice, with loose somewhat puffy sleeves to about the elbow at which point the sleeves became close fitting. She had a high neck collar made of lace and the close fitting sleeves were lace as well. Ruffled pleats lined the bottom of the dress in layers.
She stood there for a while longer, thinking sulkily how the somewhat bright fall day contrasted badly with her mood. Finally she
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 1 6
Mysterious History
Two ladies walked along the side of the dirt road side by side, both holding lace edged parasols above their head to shield their delicate pale skin from the sun. They both looked quite alike in the facial structure, though one had hair that was colored a dark ash brown which had a few strands of white showing here and there. She had bright blue eyes though, and wore an elegant dark blue dress that reached to her ankles as was proper, with a high neck and lace sleeves. She looked as if she were in her late forties.
Her companion by contrast had light copperish brown hair and dark green eyes and looked to be in her thirties. Her dress had a lower neckline and had lace around her shoulders and waist, and was a light spring green color. Both of them had their hair coiled and bound around their heads, as a mark of their age and maturity. They both smiled graciously as they passed by folks of the town, the men nodding their heads and giving a tip of their hats while ladies bobbed a quick li
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 0 8
Mysterious Discovery
Two young teenage boys stood together on a sidewalk, looking up and down the streets slyly. One was taller and more smug looking, his body language much more confident than the shorter one who seemed almost unsure. Their eyes kept being being drawn however to the giant mansion in front of them across the street. It loomed, tall and intimidating, as if it were staring at them, waiting for them to make their move.
The shorter boy shifted a little restlessly, which the other caught from the corner of his eye. Deciding to keep his friend occupied, he began talking conversationally. “Ya know, I heard that place is haunted cause it's full of witches and stuff who never die.” He said, shoving his hands in his pocket. His friend gave him a slightly suspicious look. “There's no such thing as witches, Rick.” he said, though he didn't seem entirely confident in his response.
“Sure it is. Why else would the place be haunted? It's gotta be 'cause it's witches. That's w
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 0 8
Mysterious Meeting
The owner of the mansion was not having a good day. She walked out of a store in town, eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. Rather than her customary and much more comfortable gowns, she was dressed in a long skirt and a blouse with elbow length sheer sleeves, and she wore small heeled shoes. Her very long hair was done in a few braids and looped at the back of her head to disguise the length. Her disguise had always worked, and the other people in the town walked by, blissfully unaware of who she was. It was refreshing and a relief, after her earlier experiences at attempted friendliness and cold suspicious rebuffing in return.
But now she was being rebuffed in a different way. One of her favorite gowns had gotten a rather nasty tear on the sleeve, far beyond her own skill to fix, and she was trying all of the tailor shops in town trying to find someone who would fix it, under the excuse that it was a period dress for displaying purposes. Yet no one would undertake the repairs, and she
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 0 2
Mysterious Visit
It was a cool autumn day when young Sarah stood with her friends by the playground, a badly concealed look of mild terror on her face as she stared at the other girls with her. “G-go into the h-h-house?” She asked weakly, her dark green eyes widening a little. The other girls nodded intently. “Yeah, you've got to! They say that if you don't go and put flowers in the house before the end of fall, the ghosts inside will come out and start haunting the town! All the ghosts of the people who built that place and died building it.” One of the other girls said in hushed tones, her voice edging into notes of fear.
“S-so why do I got to do it?!” Sarah asked woefully, feeling her knees weakening at the story. “Because, you're the oldest, and no one else has done anything! It's almost Halloween!” her friend responded, looking a little severe, as if daring her to try and back out. Sarah gulped hard, looking between the two girls, her head tur
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 1 2
Mysterious Heartbreak
The figure of a young woman walked down a hallway silently. It was elaborately decorated, with a rich rug running down the center of the hall, colored red and brown. Portraits with gilt frames hung on the walls, pictures of painted scenery and faces watching the hall in an eternal sentry. Her fingers brushed against the edge of a table with a lamp on it, decorated with a knit lace square, gliding over the smooth shiny wood. Her other hand held onto the neck of a bottle of liquor, half full and the contest sloshing gently as she walked along.
She was undeniably lovely undeniably, looking to be somewhere in her early twenties. She was pale and ivory skinned, with her hair and body framed by long straight dark brown hair that reached to midway on her thighs. She was well figured, but dressed in an old fashioned victorian gown with a corset laced over the top of it, long sleeves that clung to the elbow then flared elegantly. The dress was made out of a fabric patterned with dark roses and
:iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 2 8
Brooch Maker Preview V by CrystalSetsuna Brooch Maker Preview V :iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 12 13 Brooch Maker Preview IIII by CrystalSetsuna Brooch Maker Preview IIII :iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 10 34 Sailor Candy Corn by CrystalSetsuna Sailor Candy Corn :iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 10 23 Brooch Maker Preview III by CrystalSetsuna Brooch Maker Preview III :iconcrystalsetsuna:CrystalSetsuna 16 40


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so since it seems things are so close to being finished and the game almost ready for release, i wanted to let people know about this coming out! big publicity stunt here.^^ so i create a youtube video showcasing how the maker works, what it looks like, and most of the options available. if you could share with your friends, i'd be really grateful!

i just wanna say now, i've been a sailor moon fan forever. and i know i wasn't the only one who really wanted a brooch maker for an easier way to create broochs for my fan senshi. we had a lot of great concepts and possibilities pop up, but we've never gotten one that would satisfy the needs of the fans. so i'm deeply honored to finally be able to provide this for the sailor moon fan community, and i can only hope that it will become as great an asset in creating otaku senshi as Doll Divine's Sailor Senshi Maker has been!

thank you to everyone who has been supportive and contributed to this project. this is what makes our fan community so awesome.

so without further ado, here is the link to the video guys! i hope you like it!

Brooch Maker Preview Video
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