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I was tagged by the lovely Isosceless give her some love :3

here we go!

1. Real Name: Matilda P.
2. Nickname(s): Internet nickname is Maddie :3
3. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
4. Male or Female: Fem
5. Elementary: not importnat
6. Middle School: nope
7. High School: nuh uh
8. Hair Color: brown
9. Long or Short: short (since last saturday ovo)
10. Loud or Quiet: LOUD
11. Sweats or Jeans: Mixed
12. Phone or Camera: Phone
13. Health Freak: Nah
14. Drink or Smoke: Neither
15. Do you have a crush on someone: I want to marry my ships
16. Political orientation: BAD POLITICIANS; BEGONE!
17. Piercings: no
18. Tattoos: ew


19. Airplane: no
20. Car Accident: yes, i was driving, even tho, im a minor hhhhhhh. shh, u didn't hear this
21. Fist Fight: hehe, no

22. First Piercing: no
23. First Best Friend: my brothers?
24. First Instrument played: piano
25. First Award: a gold medal in baby olympics haha for soccer
26. First Crush: bunny maloney, zakumi, teen ben ten... ;-;
27. First Language: Croatian
28. First Big Vacation: I don't remember it, i was a bby


29. Last Person you talked to: Irl? umm, someone in my family
30. Last Person you texted to: A sweet person I will tag later
31. Last Person you watched: On youtube? no one in particular
32. Last Food you ate: a barbecued bacon
33. Last Movie you watched: Idk sorry
34. Last Song you listened to: [link]
35. Last Thing you bought: idk

37. Food: Ice cream, burgers...
38. Drinks: Red berry juice, peach juice, water
39. Clothing: Casual but cool
40. Book: It's croatian, but I also like We do KNOT always love you, a bleach book, sue me
41. Color: Purple, green 
42. Flower: Iris, smells so gooood
43: Music: Bleach openings, vocaloids, emo stuff like 21 pilots, panic! at the disco, two door cinema club, etc.
44. Movies: Hmm... sci-fi movies, i forgot their names >:v
45. Shoes: Something comfy, so probably sneakers
46. Subjects: English

47. [never kissed] Kissed In The Snow
48. [i don't do that] Celebrated Halloween 
49. [idk? maybe] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [Nuh uh] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
51. [I questioned it, a lot *sweats*] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
52. [Nah, this year I sorta said I was bi to some friends] Came Outta The Closet
53. [HAHA, no] Gotten Pregnant
54. [no, but I'm pro-choice, don't worry] Had An Abortion
55. [hell yeah] Done Something You've Regretted 
56. [maybe] Broke A Promise
57. [sure] Kept A Secret
58. [nah, I don't do that] Pretended To Be Happy 
59. [undertale, definitely] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60. [nah] Pretended To Be Sick
61. [nooo] Left The Country
62. [idk] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [possibly, yes] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [hell no] Ran A Mile
65. [i wish] Went To The Beach
66. [yes] Stayed Single

67. Eating: air
68. Drinking: air
69. Getting ready to: post this? idk
70. Listening to: [link] I love it
71. Plans for tomorrow/today: not mess things up
72. Waiting for: Something fun?


73. Want kids: Yes
74. Want to get married: Sure
75. Careers in mind: a teacher for special children


76. Lips or Eyes: Both  Kawaii Derpy Lenny Face emoticon 
77. Shorter or Taller: Both Kawaii Derpy Lenny Face emoticon 
78. Romantic or Spontaneous: Both? Kawaii Derpy Lenny Face emoticon 
79. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Both?!Kawaii Derpy Lenny Face emoticon 
80. Sensitive or Loud: Whichever!
81. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship, i don't like hook-ups
82. Troublemaker or Hesitant: D'aww, both is cuteHappy Lenny Emote (Small) 


83. Lost glasses/contacts: Don't need either
84. Ran away from home: Tried, but for a dumb reason, I was 6 xd
85. Held a weapon for self defense: No
86. Killed somebody: U mean my innocence?
87. Broken someone's heart: I hope not
88. Been arrested: No

90. Yourself: YES
91. Miracles: YES
92. Love at first sight: YES
93. Heaven: NO
94. Santa Claus: coca-cola daddy... no
96. Magic: Illusion, yeah

97. Is there one person you wanna be with right now: Make it two
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: Pretty much, yeah
99. Do you believe in God: AHahahahhahaHAHAh, no
100. Post as 100 Truths and tag five people:
I'll tag 6:
Oaktreed miowandcatty CerberusTheTerrible AsianArtsyGirl TwilightSparklebutt misk-chan

OK! this was fun ^^
Story #1
Four years ago I was obsessed with bleach and I was describing to my friend how Ichigo looked. She then told me how she saw a guy who looked just like him and I was like 'Wow! Really?'. She then said there was a little kid with him who looked just like him. She literally predicted Kazui, omg. Of course she lied but still!

Story #2
When I was a kid, my favorite name was Monika. Literally, anytime we would play and you'd have to choose a name for the game I would always be Monika. Few weeks ago my bud and I were thinking who from our class would fit characters from doki doki literature club, he then said I'd be Monika.
(Yes, it's Monika with a k, that's how it's spelled on my language ^-^)

Story #3
I was at the end of my backyard and I thought I heard a certain song on the radio, when I got closer to it I heard it wasn't that song. later when I came back it was that song. Like, wowie!

Story #4
While I was watching bleach, my young self thought that it was extremely obvious that Ichigo and Orihime would be together. Like, c'mon. Anyways, I then saw an ichiruki pic. It was really cute, it was a zootopia crossover, however, I thought it was weird because I shipped Nick and Judy but Ichigo and Rukia? Hahahaha, good one. And now, rather recently I found out ichiruki was WAY more popular than ichihime. I was... very shook. But I was right so =P (Razz)

Story #5
I was watching Maleficent, and I was at the part where Aurora was sleeping and the kiss from the prince didn't work. So then I came to the brilliant conclusion that a truelove's kiss doesn't have to be romantic and I said 'Maleficent is 'bouta kiss her forehead and she'll wake up' and surprise surprise, I was right. 

Story #6
When I was younger, I liked to call myself the butterfly saviour (talk about miraculous ladybug). Becasue I once saved a butterfly from getting squashed by my dog. It was one of those pretty orange ones. I thought 'Wow! It's so pretty!'. My dog of course decided to lie down on the exact flower the butterfly was on!

Story #7
Another butterfly one. I once hit a butterfly with a stick and I felt really bad about it so I spent the whole day with it. I even took it to my mom's friend! Like, wow! I wonder did it feel grateful for me trying to help it or if it was mad I was near it? I left him in front of the door in the evening, it was gone the next morning... I hope it had a good life other than me probably scarring it for life.

Story #8
The first vocaloid song I ever heard was triple baka. It all started with that one evening when my brothers wanted to show me something cool. It was at the same time I loved bleach, I guess you could say I had a little weeb phase (and I have it now too UwU). To top that, after bleach I started watching some one piece (I stopped tho) and Sailor Moon (the only anime I fully watched). The funny part about vocaloid songs is that when I was listening to 'World is mine' the part where she talks about a strawberry shortcake, I heard Ichigo, of course and was like 'Whaaat!?'. That's when I found out it basically means strawberry.

Story #9
My cat really reminded me of someone but I couldn't put my finger on it. At first I thought it was Lapis Lazuli (lauren zuke styled) but then I said that's not it. Today I realized It's Ulquiorra. I mean, he's a cat, right?

Story #10
Can't think of anything! I'll update it tho, so if you enjoyed, more will come? Haha
General Info:


Mon. Type: 
Eye Color: 




Fave Color: 
Fave Food: 
Not Food: 
Fave Gemstone: 
Fave Flower: 
Has trouble with: 

Rainbow Hematite

-Rainbow Hematite's weapon is a chain!
-Rainbow Hematite has Power Bestowal.

Angel Skin Coral

-Angel Skin Coral's weapon is a Whip
-Angel Skin Coral has Poison generation

Twilight Mountain Amethyst

-Twilight Mountain Amethyst's weapon are claws!
-Twilight Mountain Amethyst has Temporal Duplication.

Kauri Gum

-Kauri Gum's weapon is yo-yos!
-Kauri Gum has resin summoning and manipulation.

I need this here, I'll put up more facts later or smthin
So, yeah, like, 6 months ago, I was in this fight with these two deviants, I'm not going to say who they because I don't want you to go attack them, and even if you did, the guy would insult you in the most demeaning and patronizing way possible :)
(I'm so hung up on this, it just sneaks up on me, and before I used to get really mad, now I just get sad, not because of the insults but because I had to meet such despicable people)

So, since all my replies were hidden I'll try and show what I said:

Me: Hi, I really like your art, I'm wondering how <her oc> looks like uncorrupted, your art is great!

She: aawww thank you so much!! that really means a lot!! QuQ
actually i described how he looked in my mind to my buddy jim and he designed him for me! 
so this is the canon design for <oc> before he was corrupted into <something> ;u;
<picture of oc>

Me: It's really cool, the only thing I don't like is the face, but other than that it's amazing.

wow haha 
what an incredibly rude thing to say

Me: I'm sorry, it's just the chin is a bit spiky, but it's alright

what's rude here is not that you dont like him, youre entitled to your opinion. its that you gave your negative opinion when not only did i not ask for it, i had JUST finished saying how much i adore his design. he is a manly gem who turns into a giant dog, this design fits him perfectly whether you like it or not. please dont insult my beloved characters w your false opinions and narrow minded view of good design.
Me: 'I said something like, be a good artist and accept critique, I don't remember the rest -w- I also asked for an apology because I apologized multiple times, I also said maybe she's a bit too protective

saying "i dont like his face" is not a critique, its an insult 
your view on design is absolutely narrow minded bc you never took into account why he looks the way he does. for his character his design is perfect. try to open your mind when you see a design you dont like. ask yourself why you dont like it. dont think that just bc the design is not appealing to you that means it is not a good design for the character
i will not apologize. opening your mind to designs that may not be conventionally attractive is something every artist needs to learn. you were rude to me and i answered you with facts. 
im very happy you enjoy my art, but its a very silly thing to say that im "too protective" of my own character. of course i am protective. he is something i made and poured much love, effort and thought into creating. he is extremely important to me so you had better believe that i will not only protect him fiercely but also the friend who designed him.

Me: 'few weeks later' Seriously, you're not gonna apologize, man, you can't find a decent human being around these days

He (her friend): 
the reason you can't find a decent human being is 'cause u keep looking at a mirror, fam

Me: I'm 16, and you're 20-ish, you're harassing a young girl 'or smthin like that'

(By then a friend came to me and said she's disgusted by the way they're acting, and that they were rude to her too)

(WARNING: Rude language ahead!)
Y'know, by the way you act, I honestly thought you were 13, but I don't care how old a jerk is, I call 'em as I see 'em. Age is rarely a good excuse for being obnoxious - ESPECIALLY when you're as old as 16, and should know when to quit.

This argument has ended 3 weeks ago and you came back to whine about it. You pulled it into 2017, congratu-fucking-lations! That's really damn petty of you. 
Get over yourself and just leave, or whine more to your friend about it if it makes you feel better. You are way out of your league and it's time to pack your bags.

<her name> owes you nothing. If you acted nicer maybe, just maaaaaaaybe she could have a reason to apologize, but now you're  just straight up harrassing her and have wasted any chance to get that holy apology.

You made <her> uncomfortable by continuously telling her what you don't like about a character that was NOT made for you, but is very important to her. <friend> has posted a sexual comment on my art, which I absolutely never tolerate, and I told her off. She got on <her> bad side by continuously asking her about fusion with <her> gemsona, after <she> has already told her that she does not like that. I stepped in to tell <friend> off, because she was making my best friend feel very uncomfortable.
You two absolute childish morons have stepped way out of line, and <she> and I reacted like any tired adult would. We didn't tolerate your god damned bullshit and you two got offended because your shit behaviour was called out.
<she> and I are generally good and positive people, and the fact you thought this meant you can get away with anything and we won't stand up for ourselves tells me a whole lot about you. Especially as you now seem to claim we are terrible people for not letting ourselves be walked over.

Here's an idea; Don't humiliate yourself further and cut the shit. Leave us alone. <friend> said she wants us to forget about her, yet even after <her name> asked her to leave her alone, <friend> continuously came back and brought the argument up over and over, and now you're doing the same. Your dumb behaviour basically ensured that we’ll always remember those two shitty children who acted like babies throwing a temper tantrum because their parents wouldnt get them candy at the super market. Congratulations, you two became a personal meme.

Me: Clap 

Me: I have absolutely no idea what I said here.

You should've thought of that before you and your friend made yourselves look like fools.

Do you even know why we act negatively towards you?

❥ Because you made a sexual comment on my art. That is not acceptable, no matter who does it.
❥ Because you made Cui uncomfortable and haven't left her alone after she already asked you to.

You are 10 years younger than me.
If it's anyone who needs a break from dA, it's offended kids like you, not working adults like me.

This conversation will NOT be hidden OUT OF PRINCIPLE. 

You two acted inappropriately towards two professional artists, and we responded accordingly.

((PS; what happened to "Gonna let these dudes move on and forget about me.”, are you even lying to your new friend now?))

Me: wait, what sexual comment did I make on your art, I don't remember, if I did I really apologize. I'm very sorry I made you see me as a cringeworthy and unpleasant person, I'm sorry I made cmoontoon feel uncomfortable, but I felt really hurt because I wasn't expecting drama so I was vulnerable Meow :3  yes, I know you're adults and that you have your work to do and the drama that started was very unnecessary and took away your time but I just wish you didn't insult me that much, that's why I was so hung up on this. I want you both to know I'm giving you a sincere apology, and I hope you won't be mean again, if you even reply that is. 
I actually really like cmoontoon's ocs, I saw how she drew Howlite and I actually really liked him. So yeah, I will actually leave you alone now, I'm not expecting an apology, though I'd really appreciate one (or two Sweating a little... ) and I hope there won't be any more drama between us! Kawaii Face: Smile  

Anyways, my brother was really supportive, yay! But anyways, what do you think, who went overboard here, at least I didn't swear and directly insulted them.

light cherry blossoms d light cherry blossoms a!!!REQUEST STATUS: CLOSED!!!light cherry blossoms b light cherry blossoms d 

ferrugineum fabric border g 2(they're free)ferrugineum fabric border g 2 

cherry blossoms cPlease feel free to request them, I need something to do during summer!cherry blossoms c 

What can you request: 
 Pink Flower doll of your choice (any dollmaker, don't expect picasso from me though, check out my gallery to see how  well I know to use them) 
[ Pixel ] pink bow easy pixel art of your choice (keep it simple, but I'm pretty much open for challenges)

Small Heart Bullet (Pink) - F2U! traditional drawing of your choice (mainly black and white but I could color it, please keep it humanoid    (anthros are allowed of course) even though I know how to draw your typical animals (dogs, cats, maybe  birds or a horse))

Bullet - Cotton candy   2 I can draw OCs, FCs, fanbabies and stuff like that, or I could make it in a dollmaker if you want, or MS  Paint 

Bullet - Cloud Cotton candy  5 Custom characters or already existing ones are allowed to be requested too (duh)


Dogtale (in honor of gabe the dog, he will be missed)

Long ago, two races ruled over Earth:

One day, war broke out between
the two races.
After a long battle, the cats
were victorious.
They sealed the dogs underground
with a magic spell.

Many years later...


Legends say those who climb
the mountain, never return...

Okay, as you can tell, the au is very simple, every monster is actually a dog, so it goes like this:
Frisk-A cat - looks like a siamese cat with closed eyes and a frowny face (kinda like Mae :bademoticon:), brown tipped ears, snout and                  paws and completely brown tail 
Chara-A cat - looks like a simaese cat with golden eyes and a smile, black tipped ears, snout, paws and tail.
Flowey/Asriel-Toby Fox/Annoying dog - As Asriel, he stands on two feet and wears Asriel's clothes, as Flowey he looks like                                                              Flowey but with a dog face.
Toriel-Dogaressa - She wears Tori's dress
Sans-Lesser Dog - He wears a greenish blue hoodie and black pants 
Papy-Greater Dog - He wears Papyrus styled armour
Undyne-Doggo - He wears Undyne's armour in battle and his normal clothes usually
Alphys-Doge - She wears a scientist coat and glasses
Mettaton-Robo-dog (Mettawan) - Basically Mettaton with a dog head and dog details
Asgore-Dogamy - Wears Asgore's armour and uses his axe
Everyone else-Dog versions of themselves

The K9 unit still exists and it's basically the main characters that switched with the real K9 unit, they just look like dogs!
Hope you like it.
Okay, so, I have these silly undertale aus and I'd really like to share them with you. Ok, let's start with my first one:


Bullet; Pink So, what the hell is this 'bout, really simple. Instead of Chara falling in the underground at that time they did, they actually fall a few years later. Toriel and Asgore started realizing that their son is growing and won't be their little baby anymore, so they decide to have another child (pretty crazy I made them have another child considering I'm such soriel trash). This time, they have a little girl named Ariel (I think I'll post my drawing of her in some time). Ariel is around 8 years old when Chara falls and takes them to her parents with her older brother. Everything else is almost the same, Chara and Asriel have their lil' plan when Ariel wasn't around and she was also suuper sad when Chara died, but she herself didn't die. Chara/Asriel went to the surface, died, blah blah blah. Asgore said that all humans that fall will be killed, upsetting Tori, so one night she took her's and Ariel's things and Ariel and went back to the Ruins. Few months later Ariel saw Flowey at the Ruins' entrance, he got scared and he hit her with a bullet in the head and she fell in a long coma. This made Tori even sadder, she took her to her room and put her in her bed, and waited. With time, she thought waiting was hopeless. One night Ariel came out of her room and went to her mom, and Tori shed into tears and hugged her and told Ariel everything that happened. Ariel didn't age in the coma however, and nobody knows why (I know why, so she wouldn't be an angsty teenager in the story). When Frisk comes both Ariel and Toriel lead them through the Ruins. At the end of the Ruins, after the fight with Toriel, Ariel pleads Tori to let her go with Frisk, Toriel allows her. Through the story, she has her own dialog with you and other characters. When you get to Asgore, she begs him not to fight but he doesn't listen (hesitantly), the whole battle is even more heartbreaking and stuff. She passes out during the Omega Flowey battle and she wakes up after Flowey resets, she doesn't know what happens, however. In the Asriel battle, she appears as one of the lost souls too, and everything else, you know...
In the game, she will heal you a lil' if you don't have anymore healing items, but only on the TP route.

Bullet; Pink On the geno-route she goes mad by the time you meet Sans (cuz you killed her mommy) and leaves, only to come back before the Sans battle, she helps you fight him, only too trick and kill you instantly after you kill Sans and she goes tell Asgore what's going on. Before going to the throne room, there's a big light coming from inside, Asgore had absorbed the human souls and you have to fight him! When you're about to kill him, Ariel takes the hit and saves her dad, but this only makes Asgore depressed and he commits suicide. Flowey breaks his soul, you massacre him and Chara appears, looking a lil' older, they tell you almost everything the same so no big difference there.
On all neutral routes, she starts hating you depending on who you killed, if you kill Toriel, she will only stay with you to warn others about you, if you kill a lot of monsters, she'll be really upset, if you kill Papy, she'll be super mad etc.

Bullet; Pink The archangel Ariel is about punishing those who transgress into darkness, which she sorta does on the geno-route. Some writings show Ariel as both an overseer of nature and the regulator of the under­world. The color for Ariel is pale pink, which is the color of her eyes. The gemstone for Ariel is rose quartz

Bullet; Pink She looks almost the same as Asriel but, she has heartish shaped pupils, that are pale pink, and visible eyelashes. She also has a little wave-looking curl on the top of her head and she has a lil' pink bow behind the curl . She has a pink sweater with 1 light yellow stripe on that's divided with a thin pink line. She has a hot pink wavey skirt and bare feet.

Bullet; PinkShe's a really sweet lil' girl and really just wants love and care. She's not shy and she isn't scared of saying what she means, making her pretty independent. She's actually very strong but you never really fight her. Her attacks are normal fire attacks but she has some heart breaking attacks too, hehhee 

That's about all there really is about 2xT (that's the acronym for it), I really hope you like this one!  [ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink 
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So, this journal won't be a theory, it'll be a something about dAhub

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! dAhub is an account on dA where you can earn points for watching artists, faveing their pictures and by giving them llamas 

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! It's an automized account, if you leave a comment on the page saying ''newest'' the account will tell you the newest people        that need faves, watchers and llamas. When you do watch, fave or give a llama that is in need you have to say ''done'' and        you will receive your points

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! You can be the person to get watched, faved or llama'd, but you have to donate to the account

So this is a little guide on dAhub, of course there is more info on the page itself

Link to dAhub:
Another theory, this time Steven Universe related

So, an idea came to me a while ago that Steven can heal corrupted gems from inside them. Why from inside them? Well, like Garnet said, it's like the fabric of their mind is broken. We've seen Steven can go into gems(Malachite,Cluster) and humans (Lars) even plants (Watermelon Steven). He would go in their minds and.... well, spit and suddenly some kind of glow would appear and he would leave their minds and BOOM!!! The gem is healed and normal again.

I really want him to do that with Centi and Jasper (if he redeems her). Not only would the Crystal Gems become a real team, they would be able to fight homeworld gems, Yellow Diamond for example. Not only would it be awesome to see more gems but it would be an amazing plot twist. 

Hope you like my theory and please comment and tell me what you think :)
Hiii, so this is my first journal and in it I'll probably just post theories etc.

So here's my thory on SeiyaxUsagi, people say Usagi could never love Seiya because she loves Mamoru but maybe Usagi is just really good at hiding her feelings? In my headcanon she was always really upset that she knew her past and destiny, as in, they took the best part of life away from her, being able to make your own destiny

I feel like Princess Serenity is selfish and so obsessed that she made Usagi be with the man SHE loves, Mamoru might've not lied in season R when he said Usagi is not the woman he fell in love with, and the truth is she's not, princess Serenity is elegant, perfect and beautiful while Usagi is a chubby, lazy, dummy (that I love). Really, all those victims she saved barely suffer as much as Usagi.

Actually, she probably would've fall in love with Seiya, a handsome teen idol, everything she dreamed of, I really feel bad for her, Chibiusa tehnically is a little devil (even though I love her). So in conclusion Usagi is suffering and would love to be with Seiya. She deserves to choose what she wants, she's wueen of the world for goodness' sake. I REALLY love youkaiyume's fanbabies and stories behind them: SeiyaXUsagi Fanbabies they're just too perfect 
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