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Tweaked Criss-Cross Update by CrystalSailorMoon Tweaked Criss-Cross Update by CrystalSailorMoon
Decided to swap Asgore, Frisk, Blooky and Shyren too. Before you ask, NO, I don't ship Friskgore or whatev!
It's a personality swap au, no one switches places, just prersonalities!

The swaps are as follows:

Sans     Undyne
   |     X      |
Toriel     Alphys

Chara    Mettaton
   |     X      |
Asriel     Papyrus

Asgore      Shyren
   |      X        |
Frisk      Napstablook

Toriel (Sans and Undyne): Very energetic and serious. Loud and upbeat. Still pretty caring though. She pretends not to know a lot, so no one suspects she knows something, that way she stays secure. Pro at karate and puns. Still a big pacifist, that's why she chose karate instead of other martial arts, because karate is mainly for defense, not offense.

Sans (Toriel and Alphys): Shy and timid. Very cautious and caring. Really smart and tries to be funny. Often in his workshop up until late at night, making him take naps often. He helps his brother non stop to achieve maximum popularity. Actually really dumb when it comes to figuring out other's feelings.

Papyrus (Mettaton and Chara): Really popular in Snowdin for being so noble and kind. Fashionable and always glad to respond to fan-mail that are usually in need of fashion advice. He's smarter than he seems, often seen reading something in the Librarby. Always on his phone texting and chatting on political and fashion chats. He seems cold, but that's definitely not the case.

Undyne (Toriel and Alphys): A big introvert. Only spends time with close friends and her pet fishies and ducks. Still finishing college, studies oceanography and marine biology. She manages to pass with straight A-s even though she's working hard as a royal guard too. Has a duck army.

Alphys (Sans and Undyne): A big extrovert. Has a lot of friends and is seen on almost every party in the underground. Works as the royal scientist and makes a bunch of little robots for the Royal Guard, she does it to impress the king and Undyne, of course. She's kinda loud and knows how to drive a plane and other aerodynamic vehicles. Wears shades and a lot of clothes because she's an albino. Made Mettaton's body.

Mettaton (Papyrus and Asriel): A big cinnamon roll. Very sweet and shy. His voice is very quiet so it's hard to hear him on his shows. He is still popular, people like him because of how kind and helpful he is. He puts everything else before himself. Very close with Alphys and keeps trying to find ways to make it up to her. A big fan of Papyrus.

Asriel (Mettaton and Chara): He was kind of stuck-up and snotty while alive. He was popular in the entire underground and everyone was always around him and crazy about him. Whatever he said people would instantly agree with. It's because of his charisma and wisdom he was so loved and popular. He's very educated and intelligent. Is often mean, but he regrets it, a lot. He has mild depression and insomnia. Often staying up late at night thinking about all the bad things he said and how people will hurt him for it. That's why he has bags under his eyes. Was very close with Chara. He wears a golden heart shaped brooch with a pink gem in it on his tie. Was the one who made the plan and the one who poisoned himself. Still turns into Flowey.

Chara (Papyrus and Asriel): They fell down due to being driven suicidal by bullies at their school for wearing rainbows and for being non-binary. When they climbed the mountain they decided not to jump but they sadly tripped and fell down. They were accepted by the Dreemurrs the way they were and soon they started seeing them as family. Was kind to everybody no matter their looks and views. They wear a locket like Asriel's brooch under their scarf. They often baked pies with Toriel. They decide to follow Asriel's plan and trusted him because they idolized him. They did not turn into a flower but they still died.

Frisk (Asgore and Shyren): A music enthusiast. They enjoy listening to music and are very shy about their singing. They are very shy and were teased by children on the surface, didn't help they were an orphan. They became very weak and depressed and they climbed the mountain. Their goal, however, was not to commit suicide, but to refresh their mind and take in some fresh air. They tripped and fell. You decide their story afterwards.

Asgore (Frisk and Napstablook): A very nonchalant king. He cares for his people but is too scared of crowds and strangers that he seems like he just doesn't care. He does what his people want him to, because he's scared they'd start a riot and overthrow him. He misses Toriel after she left him after he decided that he's going to kill all humans who fall down, because that's what the people wanted. He enjoys playing the double bass. Is actually very neutral, but still wants to do the right thing.

Napstablook (Asgore and Shyren): Sir of the snails, hence the fancy cape. Has a medium sized snail farm and rules them like a king would. Cares for them and makes them little beds and sings them to sleep. He's comfortable with singing for friends, but not for strangers. Likes sea tea. Isn't too shy, but gets anxious if asked a lot of questions, like any ruler would!

Shyren (Frisk and Napstablook): An amateur singer. Wears a sweater because she thinks it's cute, but actually, it's because Napstablook said it's cute. Use to play piano with Undyne but ever since her sister 'died', she only spends time with Napstablook, but that is rare as well. She has a microphone plant/hair/piranha thingie on her head that emits beats according to the song she's singing. She rarely talks and you'll usually only see her mouth moving if she's singing.
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