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Sailor Nibiru by CrystalSailorMoon Sailor Nibiru by CrystalSailorMoon
''Senshi of reunions and mysteries, Sailor Nibiru appears''

Here's another oc, this time someone based on me, tehe Meow :3 

Here's some info on her:

General Info:

Name: Mikano Yami (means ''new moon of darkness'') 
Senshi name: Sailor Nibiru
Age: 10 (that's right)
Birthday: February 8th (my birthday)
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Hair: Brown 
Eye colour: Light Blue
Guardian planet: Nibiru (Planet X)
Princess name: Princess Myst (mist + mystery = Myst)


Virtues: Kind-hearted, intelligent, lucky, optiMISTic (LOL)
Flaws: Very emotional, easily scared, kind of a crybaby (only when pressured)


Color: Azure and Black
Food: Ice-cream and fried fish with tartar sauce
Not food: Crumble (any kind is gross to her, and me)
Gemstone: Watermelon tourmaline and rainbow hematite (shiny!)
Flower: Iris and lily
Has trouble with: Stress and math
Likes: Pets and being helpful
Dislikes: Mean jerks, snitches and stuck-ups
Dream: To see Nibiru


In her past life, when she was princess of Nibiru, Princess Myst, she wanted to help the Silver Millenium fight against queen Metalia, much to her mother's disliking. When Nibiru was coming across the Earth and Moon she teleported to the Moon and used her X Crystal to perform ''Eclipse Apocalypse'' to destroy Metalia, instead she fed her with the unbealiveable power which led to destruction, she, devastated died in her own power, and her last words were: ''If I led to this destruction I must be as bad as Chaos' incarnation''. Now in her current life, during Crystal Tokyo, she found her power when her mother was attacked by a chaos gunk* she felt the enormous power of the giant Nibiru and transformed, she saved her mother with ''dark reunion mist'' and noticed a little lavender kitty ring her bell and escape. She chased the cat right around the corner and noticed a girl her age with her mother, the mother in a yellow dress and long black hair and the girl in a short grey dress and long grey boots. She ran away joyfully and looked up in the sky and saw the Moon, she smirked and whispered holding her brooch: ''Maybe I'm not so bad''.

Attacks: ''Azure X-aggurate'' - creates an azure colored fog that becomes bigger and bigger and chokes the enemy 
             ''Dark Reunion Mist'' - creates two beams of light (one azure and the other white) that fuse and strike the enemy and instead of      exploding it creates mist
             ''Vivid Somber Nebula'' - creates a nebula like mist that's vivid black (really black) and suffocates the enemy in nebula beauty
             '' Eclipse Apocalypse'' - a very dangerous move that can kill her and the Earth, she can only use it when Nibiru covers the Sun

*chaos gunk*: In my headcanon the remains of chaos as gunk that when in contact with a star seed inheriter corrupts the star seed and turns the creature in a black gunk monster, that the senshi must destroy and save the creature.

EDIT: Here's a link to her princess form, Princess Myst…

Anyways I REALLY  hope you like herFree Avi - SleepingMoon .:Mini moon n star:. Sleeping Moon F2U Moon pixel Cosmos La Emoticon Usagi Heart Eyes Icon moonflower
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November 11, 2016
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