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AD-Removal and WLM Skin Community: [link]

The skin has been restructured completely from the previous version, this time the skin has 22 themes all up. But thats not all!

Vista Live Messenger is now a part of this skin so you can switch between the two whenever you want. The skin is fully customizable and users can pick out exactly how they want regions of the skin to look and can even mix and match styles!

If you like this release then support WLM skinning by adding this to your favorites! WLM skinning needs to be exposed more :)

Special Thanks to Stianu89, ipab, Patchou, The Blasphemer, TheSteve and my awesome translation team for helping the skin get this far.

Enjoy this release! Peace!


LEGAL (By Downloading this file you will abide to this!)


Please do not post asking for "improvements", features, updates or really really small changes. Its impossible to cater for everyones tastes and this skins provided "as is".

Do not place this file up on any other website without my consent. This includes rapidshare and all those other file upload services. Seriously, you can get it for free here so just post the link to this page and support the author (aka me)

Do not edit this skin or rip resources and use them for yourself without prior consent.

If you do not agree with this then please remove yourself from my gallery
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I wish I could use this on my mac, is it possbile?
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CrystalPhoenixStudioProfessional Interface Designer
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Gatesvip Filmographer
really nice~how to get it ?
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Nooooo....awesome skin but i haave messenger 9.0 :(
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how do i download themes?
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Why dont you make a skin like this to WL 2009 , this is the most perfect skin thar i ever saw...
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sademoboy7Student Digital Artist
I downloaded all the things i need for it but the messenger says the skin doesnt work for windows messenger plus can i have some help please?
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CrystalPhoenixStudioProfessional Interface Designer
The skin was built for Messenger 8.5, I'm guessing you're using 2009 if you're saying its not working.

Unfortunately when Microsoft updates Messenger to a new Major version (for example 8.1 to 8.5 or 8.5 to 2009) it means that the skin has to be recoded from scratch. Since this skin was built on Messenger 8.5 it will consequently not work on any of the current versions of Messenger.

I have stepped back from skinning for now, possibly for good. So you may not ever see this get updated.
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It would be sweet to see this up and running on the '09 version of Messenger! :eager:
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It looks absolutely amazing! But how do i install it? This is probably something i should know but this is the first time i use a downloadble skin.
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pleeeeeaaaaseeeee update for WLM9 T_T!!!!! and you could add the option to move display to the left :P
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TrevorDealProfessional Interface Designer
It's cool but it feels kind of empty because you have the same design from top to bottom and post messager boxes split in the middle.
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when i downloaded it, it was a .plsk file.
What do I do with it?
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I have the same problem!
SparkleLeviathan's avatar
i think you need messenger plus or something like that
TrevorDeal's avatar
TrevorDealProfessional Interface Designer
Reread the info. You need PLUS.
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DarrenFromMyspaceHobbyist Interface Designer
Make it for Windows Live Messenger Beta
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CrystalPhoenixStudioProfessional Interface Designer
Skinning isn't possible on the new Messenger just yet because of Microsoft using a new file format for their layout files. That is why things have been slow in the skins, patches and addons department for quite some time now. Until this new format is figured out properly I can't do anything which is a bit sad.
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Wow, great skin. Its really well made.
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You said in the description that you follow the link for ad removal, but I can't find it anywhere on the page. Any help plz?
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BoonzeetHobbyist Digital Artist
I was just wondering if you and this person are the same author?


As they released theirs almost 6 months earlier.
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CrystalPhoenixStudioProfessional Interface Designer
We are not the same person. I will explain. Basicly me and stianu89 designed a vista skin each a long time ago. His was vista live messenger (the one on the right in the screenshot) and mine was windows aero messenger (the one on the left).

I helped code his one for Windows Live Messenger 8.5. Then stianu89 got a Mac and couldn't update his skin to the new 8.5 format so what we did is bring both skins into the one package under the one name. His skin was released 6 months earlier than mine, but my skin is based of AeroMSN which is a skin I made for MSN Messenger 7.5 (wayyyyyyyyy before his).

So yeah, nothing sus going on here. We are good friends so we know whats going on, we both had an equal part in developing the skin design so we both kept it up in our galleries. :)
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1 question: What theme is on in the screen shot (the one to the right)
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CrystalPhoenixStudioProfessional Interface Designer
Its Vista Live Messenger, you can switch from the design on the left to the design on the right by going into the skins options and then changing the global theme type.
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