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Kingdom Hearts - Slice of Life
Disclaimer: Although the severely warped and twisted imagination is my own, Kingdom Hearts and its characters are the property of Disney and Square Enix.
                                   Slice of Life
                                   A Prologue to the Kingdom Hearts Blades of Three Realms Role-Play

Sora and Riku weren't always busy training under Master Yen Sid at the Mysterious Tower.  In fact, they spent a lot of time back on the Destiny Islands attempting to maintain at least the pretense of normalcy with the rest of their friends and their respective families.  Part of that pretense was being achieved by the two of them working to rebuild the raft while spending time with Kairi.  This time was different, however, as Roxas had come back to visit too after he had started his
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Shaman King - It's Not What It Looks Like
Disclaimer: Although the severely warped and twisted imagination is my own, Shaman King and its characters are the property of Hiroyuki Takei.
Author's Notes: This is definitely an alternate universe.  I haven't figured out all the particulars about it, but it's the only legitimate explanation I can come up with for the set up I have going here.
                                    It's Not What It Looks Like
Yoh was good at sleeping.  It didn't make much difference to him whether it was just a relaxing afternoon nap or one of those days when he would doze off in the middle of class.  Depending on the situation he could pass himself off as a very light sleeper or a very heavy one.  This could either be attributed to circumstantial laziness or it might just have been that
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Shaman King - Reunion Night
**Spoiler Warning**
If you aren't familiar with the conclusion to the Shaman King manga, then this is made of spoilerific spoilers of spoilerdom.  That is all.
Disclaimer: Although the severely warped and twisted imagination is my own, Shaman King and its characters are the property of Hiroyuki Takei.
Author's Notes: What with exposure to the final chapter of the manga and subsequent bonus materials I have been encouraged to write a little something dealing with Hana.  Considering what I have in mind this is likely to be amusing.
                                                 Reunion Night
The legendary elemental warriors certainly hadn't lived up to Hana's expectations.  He had thought they would have been
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Yin-Yang Kitties by CrystalMizuka Yin-Yang Kitties :iconcrystalmizuka:CrystalMizuka 2 6 Sleeping Kitty by CrystalMizuka Sleeping Kitty :iconcrystalmizuka:CrystalMizuka 1 3

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No spoilers, just my honest thoughts on the movie as someone who has plenty of nostalgia for the classic Japanese Kaiju films because Godzilla has been a household name for me since I was a small child.  I've grown up with a lot of love for these monsters and I've even done myself the service of watching as many of their respective movies as I could in both English localization format and in the original Japanese to really get a deeper appreciation of where these stories came from.  Godzilla: King of the Monsters, like it's predecessor in 2014 is first and foremost a genuine Kaiju film.  It might not appeal to the critics based on the criteria they rank movies by and it's narrative style might not appeal to everyone, but at its heart it's a faithful expansion and recreation of what came before and the new lease on life these monsters can be given thanks to the amazing potential of CG.  They aren't restricted to clumsily rampaging through scale models of Tokyo, they are now able to exist on a global scale as they were always meant to.

The movie is also excellent in being accessible and understandable even if you've never seen the classic films, but for anyone familiar with the classics like I am there are plenty of subtle references to the lore established in those films to give it even greater nuance.  They've done their homework and it clearly shows.

I was very excited for this movie and I wasn't disappointed.  As someone who grew up loving these monsters, I'm very happy with what they've accomplished.
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