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Light and Dark

A commission I got from Toriichi  for a very Manga Cover type of image of Judar from Magi meeting the Warrior of Light from FFXIV. Implying a possible magic fight

-- The Warrior of Light Vs The Depraved Magi ---

Beware those that carry the Black Rukh.

Said the one that calls himself the Traveling Magi for those with such a title would take notice of Hydaelyn's Blessing of Light along with any Magician that can see the Rukh . Finding herself within the Kou Empire's Territory in search of the scattered Crystals of Light. The Astrologian found herself coming across the type of person, who happens to be the Priest 

Her Magic was different, unlike any this realm has ever seen., due to that people will want to either learn more or use her in some way. Haelstyrn made sure to keep herself hidden. It was what she was good at after all, but due to being sent here the Blessing has been hard to contain so it was only a matter of time before she would be found.

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OwO thanks for commish me~~~