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I want you to look at me naked

No, I don’t mean in the comfort
of your bedroom twisted amongst silk sheets
as I lay beneath your looming figure
I mean look at me
in my flesh
in my barest form
parading my flaws
as if they are my trophies.

I want you to look at
this 5’5 frame of fragile bone
and pleasantly plump baggage
and see not the way
my hips curve underneath tightly
stretched skin or
the way my thighs touch in jeans that
hide my full waist,
instead I want you to
notice the way
my dimples curve like half full moons or
the way I bob my head to the
beat of my favorite song.  

I want you to notice
the way my shoulders are
always hunched over as if
my body is always asking a question
and the way my eyes dart skittishly
over the cracks in the pavement
because I'd rather notice
the weeds beneath my feet
than the perfect
that passed me by.  

I want you to look at

my petite hands and the chipped polish
that covers my nails and watch as they run
through my gnarled hair,
hair that can’t quite decide what color
it wants to be,
much like my brain
can’t quite figure out what it
wants from me

I want you to see the constellations of
freckles that envelope my pale skin and the
crooked fencepost teeth
that line my always downturned lips—
appreciate the happiness they
represent when they beam in
your presence because
they are shy and don’t
like the outside

I want you to see that
I am five foot five,
one hundred and sixty four pounds
and that I am beautiful
just the way
I am.
First of all I would like to thank chromeantennae for being such an inspiration to the dA community. With his beautiful piece: 5'7'', 176 LBS (170 CM, 80 KG) he has caused quite the stir and all for a wonderful cause of spreading positive body image. Secondly, I want to again thank Ricky, however not for his wonderful addition to the lit community but because I am in a better state of mind because of this. I've struggled recently with some unpleasant thoughts and this helped me finally accept a lot of the things I've never liked about myself. It made me really think about who and I am and what makes me, well me. And because of that I am happier and more confident in the body I currently have. 

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this, You are an incredible person Ricky and we will always be grateful for you and everything you do. :heart:

Check out other writer's amazing contributions to this movement here: 
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utterly wonderful - I would love to use it - if i may - on my Body Positivity channel on YouTube, as a ASMR video ?? - Is this at all possible please ?? xx
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Thank you so much! I am flattered and grateful that you appreciate the poem so much to use it in that kind of video however, I'm afraid I'll have to decline. This was quite a personal piece for me and I would just prefer to have it in one place and in one format. I do hope you understand. 
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totally and utterly - and phew - glad i asked now - !! - lol - it is a wonderful piece - and you should be proud of yourself - brilliant - thanks you sharing xxx
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I commented on this when you wrote it, but I just came back to it while reading chromeantennae's interview with totiltwithwindmills about the Beauty in Raw Humanity project and I wanted to say that it still gave me chills a second time through. It's a very powerful piece. :aww:
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:blush: thank you so so much. i'm glad it's still just as powerful poem a second time through. :heart:
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Isn't it? I hadn't read this piece until it got mentioned in the interview, but the moment I did. . . it just floored me. Stuck itself in my mind quite solidly.
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This is such a great piece you've written, and shared, here. There's a great flow to it. I can most definitely relate to it too. Just. . . lovely.
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I love this more than anything! I love the way you described the shoulders hunched as if your body is always asking a question. This poem is absolutely gorgeous. Writing doesn't have to have big words to make it outstanding, and yOu showed the perfect example of this. BRAVO, BRAVO!

I just have no words for how beautiful this is!Animated Pixel Heart 
Rikka Crying Icon 
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:blush: omg, I don't know what to say. your words are really too kind. :heart: 
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Hey, good work deserves credit, and you've certainly proved that! :D all of your work has a distinct style and way about it, and I just happen to love it deeply. 

*gives digital cookie* continue your good work my friend

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you're welcome! It's wonderful~
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omg this is a little to true for me just as of last summer I was 164 and I'm 5'5.
This is how I feel almost everyday still, even though I'm now 130. 
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Wow! That is certainly quite the coincidence. 
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yeah so if this poem is depicting something in your life. I certainly know whats its like 
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It absolutely is. All completely true and real. 
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