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.:Nightgale Mirage:. ~Reference~

Please tell me what you think about her design. Critique is very welcomed c: I think that maybe I overdid the swirls and sparkling water drops but I like it like this, but I really want to know what you think.

And I have a hot character, Hana, so it was about time to get a cool one, Mirage.

New OC and it all started from a doodle on a desk I made out of boredom in my philosophy class. And from that doodle all I took was the wings and the back view of her hair. Initially I wanted make her very short hair, but because of that doodle she has a huge ass bun.
I will probably never again draw her hair from back view unless I will make a different hairstyle.
The silver frame and transparency of the wings was inspired by the wings of my sister's character Kuro Tsuki and some accessories were inspired by my character Hino Hana.

More art of her here: crystallized-rose.deviantart.c…

Name: Nightgale Mirage
Name Meaning: Night Blizzard Mirage
Nicknames: Storm, Icy, Mirajane, Jane, Ice queen, Storm queen
Occupation: Sorcerer
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Personality: Neat, organized, quiet and calm, though she can be very dangerous when she gets angry. She mostly speaks when asked or when is necessary, though sometimes she starts the conversation, because she does not like to bother anyone and wants to be sure that others are paying attention to her, she tries not do too much action because she does not like to waste energy.
Hobbies: Taking naps, listening to soft music, watching natural places with water during the night and that is the reason she takes naps during the day, even she does not sleep much, she has a lot of energy because she does not do much, and very rarely she dances on the water and ice skates.

.:Extra info:.

She admired Hana's hair so she let it grow almost as long as Rose's hair but because it started bothering her, and she does not want to cut it, she ties it up in a bun.
She becomes very dangerous when she gets very angry because she is usually calm and bottles up everything until she had enough of that thing or person.
She, like Shadow, does not like being called nicknames, and although she does not like that much being called by her first name, she would rather be called Nightgale or Night or Gale than being called anything else because she thinks if you care about her you will use her name since she has a proper name and she entrusted it to you to use it well.
She uses mostly ice based spells as she got specialized in ice magic and she is also pretty good with water magic, air magic not that much and very little bit of spells of different magic as she practiced them with Hana.
Even though has not studied much and still does not study much, she is very smart because she understands and learns by listening and watching, mostly by listening as she would lay her head on the desk with eyes closed paying attention to what the teacher was saying.
She is very good at both close and far range battle because she has good strategies, but she is better a close ones, because attacking the enemy directly makes her use less energy.
She became friends with Hana, after she was saved from a certain "facility" and taken at the school Hana was transferred because she picked up a fight with some gang that would not give her peace so she froze them in the middle of the summer, because of that they gave her the nicknames Ice Queen and Storm Queen.
Her wings were impaled on her back after the angered gang decided she need to pay, so they kidnapped her and sent her to some "facility" were there was going illegal experiments. She can't fly with those wings but she can move them and sometimes uses magic to disuse/hide them. Due to her wings being impaled she has to use magic to put on and take off her clothes.

OC, Mirage © me, Crystallized-Rose
Base by TheHWord
Text Font by SparklyDest
Art by me, Crystallized-Rose
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