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.:Crystallized Rose:. ~Reference~

EDIT 29-May-2014: Added second casual outfit + concert outfit
EDIT 31-May-2014: Added battle outfit
EDIT 02-June-2014: Added another battle outfit + wings size reference

Pony version: Princess Crystallized Rose by Crystallized-Rose
Her mirrored self, Opal Rose: .:Opal Rose:. ~Reference~ by Crystallized-Rose

More art of her here: crystallized-rose.deviantart.c…

Name: Crystallized Rose
Nicknames: Rose, Crystal, Crys
Species: Valkaryan (alien from the planet Valkarya, they have magical powers)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, sometimes she looks like 16 other times like 18; her species can change their size, looking older or younger when she wishes and also valkaryans live longer than humans
Occupation(s): - Student at an academy which will allow her to become a part of the intergalactic police upon graduation because that is what she wishes
- She is also a singer in her free time, but she is not doing it for money, just for fun and so she won't get bored when she is free
- And an actress too, but just like singing she is not into it that much, and mostly helps her few friends with their short movies when they are short on actors and/or money, because she doesn't ask for much in return and usually it isn't money
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Childish; friendly; talkative; although she seems a little crazy -but not mad/insane- she is just happy and she likes to act crazy, but in public or around strangers/guests she is calm, though she can get angry and be very dangerous when she does
Hobbies: Running and dangerous sports such as bungee jumping and skydiving; drawing, mostly pixel art, but sometimes traditionally; listening to music when she walks/runs alone, singing; she listens to varied music genres, but mostly rock such as Likin Park, she also listens vocaloid, etc.

.:Extra info:.

Because of her appearance in her true(alien) form she is called a vampire mostly by humans.
Even though she is childish, she can be mature when she wishes.
She is friendly but she is careful when picking friends because she was bullied from the first grade until she got into academy.
When she gets angry she is very dangerous because, she doesn't get angry easily and, like Mirage, she bottles everything up so when she starts yelling at you it's a sign that you pissed her off really bad and should stop before she beats you up.
She had been living as a human and had no idea she was actually an alien because she was replaced at birth with a human child that died in the hospital.
And in high school she was not bullied by only 2-3 classmates, but by the whole class and due to that, one day she ran away from high school and because she was very angry the seal that was locking away her powers broke and that's when she met with Hana, which explained her about her species and about the academy and that she could come there and learn to control and use her powers and that the academy has a dorm where she could live, but Rose said she will think about it and talk about it with her human family. She told her family about the academy as if it were a normal human academy and didn't mention anything about her powers or that she is not a human. The next day she found it hard to go to school, but couldn't stay home either, so she told her family she goes to school, as she went and wandered off around town to clear her mind and met up with Shadow. The fact that she choose not to stay home saved her life as her family died that day in a fire. Because she had no place to return to she went with Hana to the academy where she met with Mirage and Cathya.

OC, Rose © me, Crystallized-Rose
Base by TheHWord
Demon wings by base-o-holic
Sword by Verdy-K and edited by me
Shurikens and kunais by Verdy-K
Text Font by SparklyDest
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I've never really had it in mind, but we should totally rp sometime o:
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Sure c: though I don't recall I ever rp-ed...
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Oh? If so, then we must!
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Let's do it on Skype. I would like to know you character reaction to meting mine~
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Sure, but I'll have to do it tomorrow since I have School and need to do stuff tomorrow.
Also, I'm just unsure of who to RP as...
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OK, I understand :hug:
How about William? XD
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Nah, I only use him for HGU :I
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OK ^^
Vondra, Ira or Kuroi?
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so awesome *v*
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Thank you, babe :hug: I really love that outfit as much as I love Hana's battle outfit~!
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it's a great designs, but her dress could use some more details!
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Well, as I said, I like it simple so I just put some roses on it (and also because I had no idea what else to do to it and as well because I'm lazy)
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Thank you~ I like it simple but I thought about it too, maybe I will add more details to her dress later.
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