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   Quotes/sentences with a * can be confirmed of meaning/reference at the Table of Contents(bottom of page).
    Azalea and her maid continued down the aisles of *Fairyver 21, packing the newest kimono cardigans into Azalea's shopping bags. They then entered the designer section, chatting about the newest *Louis Fairyon heels and *Monte Clarion Collection.
    "Talking about fairy fashions, when does your group plan on *discussing your transformation design? *After all, it will be against the school policy to transform again without a confirmed group and design!" The maid questioned in curiosity, while running her fingers down the pattern of the kimono to check for loose threads. "Soon, soon...hmm this one would go nice with maybe this?..." Azalea trailed off, lost in sight of the floral cardigans that would fit greatly for this month's "go *nature-al" fashion club theme. "That definitely would go nice with your silky leaves dress, but more importantly I think you need to take into mind that---" The maid agreed, cut off by Azalea "Totally! This kimono would be way more *flora-l, she'd definitely crown me the best outfit of the month in the *fashion club! Talking about Flora, did you know she's the judge this month? Totally surprised me, I mean I know the theme is nature but who knew she had a spark for fash--" "AZALEA?! Long time no see!!" Stella, one of Azalea's shopping buddies exclaimed as she approached Azalea as fast as you can in 6-inch wedges. "Oh for the love of *Queen Clarion, I haven't seen you in ages Stella!" Azalea exclaimed just as happily even though they had met at the cafe 1 hour earlier, only scheduled to meet 5 minutes before at the entrance of Fairyver 21; Stella and Azalea being completely strong-willed for fashion, they had got lost in the fashions and refused to wait any longer for either fairy. 
    Azalea's maid sighed, wondering how long they would be in the shop, and if that would leave enough time for Azalea's princess duties, as well as her meeting for the Symphonix club at 6:00-which it was only a quarter to?!!! "Azalea, I'm sorry but we must go you have to--" "Oh my fairy, please stop nagging! I promise I'll do whatever's left--after I buy out this whole shop!" Azalea squealed, as well as Stella as they hurried off to different displays. The maid sighed--she knew it wouldn't come easy with the king if he knew she let her do shenanigans with Stella instead of her princess duties. She thoroughly cleared her throat and shouted sternly "AZALEA!!! Enough with this nonsense, I said we need to go, and that means we're leaving now!" Stella whistled, then whispered to Azalea "Woo, someone woke up on the wrong side of their bed." "I know, but unfortunately, now I got to go. So much for some shopping crash-er." Azalea rolled her eyes, referring to her maid. They both left, leaving Stella to explore the rest of the shop alone.

    "Where is everyone?" Crystal said, peeking into the meeting room. It was 5 to six and no  one was to be spotted in the room. "Well, I'm here!" Brook panted, rushing up to the meeting room and plopping herself onto the sofa. "While Azalea and Courtney are?!..." Crystal grumbled, calling Azalea and Courtney for the sixth time only to receive--for the sixth time--no answer. Whilst Crystal and Brook were totally devoted to the development of the club, Courtney and Azalea seemed to be devoted to the development of their lives--although they don't realize that what they're doing will make them lose an important part in their lives: the Symphonix club.
    Courtney woke up to the of click and clacking noises of a keyboard. After fully opening her eyes, her vision revealed Tecna typing furiously onto a computer as if working on a project,which Courtney then remembered to be the model of Symphonix Club's new design they were working on. "You truly are a technology expert, able to work for so lo-" Was Courtney's last words(and half word)before her eyelid's felt heavy again, and she fell asleep on the computer desk.

    "Brook, Courtney, Azalea, and Crystal, please come down to the office now." The fairy messenger said over the P.A system; much of an effort for the school's attempt to go nature-al this month yet they use technology. Brook, Azalea, and Crystal scurried down to the office whilst Courtney remained in a deep sleep as Tecna had to go to a urgent meeting and forgot to wake her up.
    "I am deeply concerned as to why you guys haven't fully assembled your group yet; we're yet to receive your final assessment reports, and they are soon to be long overdue!" Miss Griselda shouted, making the 3 girls cringe, as well as the other staff in the room. "We've tried to set up meetings, but some people wouldn't show up." Brook said, looking over to Azalea, who to which Azalea objected "Talking about not showing up, where is Courtney? Sure I was late for the meetings due to having a life and princess duties, but that doesn't mean I skip school!
    Mrs Griselda then called Courtney down to the office, whilst Crystal, Brook, and Azalea bickered in the wait for her. "Azalea, if you want to be a member of the Symphonix club, you could at least try to be committed! All you have been doing was shopping with Stella, and you have even been finishing your princess duties pretty late--as usual!" Brook pointed out, stressed from all the times Azalea hadn't shown up to the meetings. "At least I helped in the member recruitments! You need to realize that I'm not only a princess but a person, and everyone has their schedule!" Azalea shot back angrily. "Well then I think it's about time to arrange that schedule so that you can contribute to the Symphonix Club too!"Crystal argued, hoping that this whole situation wouldn't bring an end to the Symphonix club. "You know what?! You guys don't respect me at all! I wanted to join a club where we could all be excepted, but you blame me just because I can't rearrange my personal life to your liking!" Azalea yelled back to Crystal and Brook. "THEN WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE!" Brook and Crystal shouted back in unison.
    *Azalea, on the verge of tears, mumbled "Fine."
    "Sorry guys, I was sleeping. What did I miss?" Courtney yawned, arriving at the office.

Symphonix Club Chapter 4<---Previous

Table of Contents:

Quote/Sentence: Fairyver 21, packing the newest...
Explanation: Fairyver 21 is a parody to the teen-women shop Forever 21. Since I couldn't get over their great deals and awesome clothing, I decided it wouldn't be too bad to feature them in this Chapter, except I fairy-fied it so it fits in more with the story, as I see in Monster High they very often Monster-fy human terms or actual quotes to fit in with the world. Also, Fairyver 21 is a popular clothing brand that is targeted towards these girl's age group which is around +15-ish. Although, beware, the clothes are quite expensive, which is why a princess like Azalea is buying from this brand-ish in the chapter.

OK enough with the quotes/sentences, I'll just briefly explain each.

Louis Fairyon=Lois Vuitton, but obviously. I found this best to put because Azalea would obviously buy some designer stuff as well.

Monte Clarion=Monte Carlo, another brand and I changed into Clarion because the world of Tinkerbell's is for "dwarf fairies" who unfortunately are then unable to fight against witches and rather live peacefully in the hollow. So, the Queen of this Hollow, Clarion, a fairy is mixed into the Carlo.

In this story, it's important that you have your transformation theme excepted. Even if you gain a transformation, it must be evaluated by the fairy Councillors and accepted/confirmed if it's "fan-made" transformations created by your group. Of course, these are highly expensive and require a great deal of work, and transformations such as Symphonix take a long time to draft about on their design and such, but the report on first transformations of groups must be turned in by the end of September.
You know what never mind, most * will be explained in the story afterwards... lol


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