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Copyright 5 by Th3EmOo
inverted cross bullet - black by horrorisms Pixel Rose - Black version by emoticonpixel inverted cross bullet - black by horrorisms
All of my digital art is drawn with the mouse in GIMP or MS Paint. The traditional stuff's done with just a good old #2 pencil and some paper.
Sometimes I make plushies, too.

Evel by CrystalKleure Alien by CrystalKleure Heartstealer by CrystalKleure Marshmallow by CrystalKleure
I have a folder of pixel art that is all free-for-use.
If you want to use any art of mine that isn't in that folder for something, you'll have to ask. (I'll actually probably let you use most of my art; the only catch is to just be nice enough to ask first tbh)


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----- :bulletblue: Ultrablue Orb by kayosa-stock :bulletblue: -----

Yo, I'm CrystalKleure from Tumblr, Twitter, and more recently the WBO. My art's probably either gonna be watermarked with my Tumblr url or Twitter handle, or just signed with 'CK'. I'm nnnnot quite as active here on dA so if you need to contact me quick you'd have better luck trying my Tumblr; here, it might be awhile before I even see a message I've been sent.

I also have an exceptionally pathetic-looking YouTube account that doesn't see much traffic. Pay it a visit and then forget about it five minutes later -- that's what I usually do (;._.)

And I also don't really know what llamas are good for, if anything, but I want them. If you give me a llama, I'll give you one back, so do not feel the need to thank me for the Gift of Llama of which I have so generously bestowed upon you, you are already very welcome.
TL;DR, don't clog up my comment section with llama-spam.

I run a Discord server!

First and foremost, it's a Beyblade server, open to fans of any generation -- Bakuten Shoot, MFB, Burst, even spinoff fans, all welcome 👍
Specifically, it's also an art server, with channels for sharing fanart, fanfics, and other creative works in the Beyfandom!

I've also got some channels set up for handy resources, like ripped official art and screencaps, for anyone who wants material to make edits/icons with. Let's kick up some creativity!

Other notes:

:bulletred: No art reposting -- if you want to share something you didn't make yourself, you gotta do it by linking back to the source. Share it right. Art thievery can get you banned from the art server. The only exception to this is posting art you've found in the "who-drew-this" channel to ask who the artist is, at which point we'll all try to figure out who it belongs to so they can be credited for it.

:bulletorange: Keep it SFW. There are minors in here, and most Beyblade characters are underage anyway, so absolutely no lewd art of them. Kiddy porn will get you the boot immediately.

:bulletyellow: Moderate gore/body horror is allowed, though nothing too hardcore or hyperrealistic [or sexualized]. And there's a specific channel for it, so people who don't like blood and guts don't have to see it. Keep it in the "fear-factory" channel.

:bulletgreen: Don't get super political, please

:bulletblue: Don't glorify abuse, like rape or pedophilia [no "non-con" or "loli/shota"]

:bulletpurple: Honestly I just don't want people fighting, contact a mod to resolve any problems.

:bulletpink: We are LGBT+ friendly! 🌈 Nobody's getting picked on or discriminated against on my watch.


Even if you're not an artist, we'd still love to meet you just to hang out and chat! ✌

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Ha, can't tell if this is one of the most- or least-creative bootlegs I've seen. Bringing back Rapidity memories from MFB days.

I support goth Wakiya, though 😂
Lord-Of-Ravioli Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did not know wakiya dyed his hair black....
But yeah same
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:damphyr: Hi! You have a beautiful gallery and I hope you have a wonderful day today~ :love:
:damphyr: Keep up the good work! I hope you don't mind my little motivational drawing.
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thanks for the Llama, awesome work and keep it up . . . ;)

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