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Hii~ Happy new year!
Sat Dec 31, 2016, 4:56 PM
Yay for things~
Tue Sep 27, 2016, 10:01 PM


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Kianna Peppers
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm just just a silly kitty who loves to draw fanart. Not the best artist, but I hope to improve on my talents and hoping for honest feedback! :)

I'm pretty busy with life so I hardly get to draw anymore, but whether that includes doodles to speedpaints, I'm just here to derp around occasionally...~

As far as artistic passions go, I'm a digital fan artist who mostly specializes in animals, although I've adapted to getting better at just drawing anything I can overall! Hoomins still terrify me, but I'm learning to expand my repertoire little by thanks for joining me on my artistic journey!

~Fav Art Topics: Undertale, Anime, Warrior Cats, etc~


Speedpaint Playlists:…


Sun May 14, 2017, 12:04 AM

Hello Lovelies! 

This is nothing new, just wanted to give a friendly reminder to direct some new peoples to my Youtube Channel! If you didn't know, I DO SPEEDPAINTS, and almost all of my pics have one, so be sure to check em out! It may take me half a year to put any art out, but I greatly enjoy makin' em for learning purposes, or just plain old entertainment!

Ink! Sans 

My current pride and joy...!

Here are some more pics with Speedpaints!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by CrystalKittyK
God Asriel Dreemurr (Contest Pic) by CrystalKittyK Punk Rock Krystal by CrystalKittyK UNDERTALE: 1-Year Ann. - WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB by CrystalKittyK Sans by CrystalKittyK
Omega Flowey by CrystalKittyK Royal Dogs: [OCT. Contest Pic] by CrystalKittyK Alphys by CrystalKittyK Toriel by CrystalKittyK Undyne [The Undying] by CrystalKittyK Asriel Dreemurr by CrystalKittyK
Cinder and Ash [SPEEDPAINT UPD!] by CrystalKittyK Crossroads ~ IVY/WING - [SPEEDPAINT UPD.] by CrystalKittyK

Those are just my favorites, there are a lot more! Many more pic ideas and speedpaints to come!

You can find all of my social links below on my profile!


SIG-2018-gold by CrystalKittyK

Small note to my current watchers~

Very soon, hopefully by this summer, I'm going to really try to start fleshing out my PATREON, MEANING, there will be some slight changes in the future.
 - 1ST off, my speedpaints might be a tad bit shorter!!! (OHMAHGERDIKNOOOW...for some of you that's probly a good thing cuz I know they're painstakingly long...)
  I'll still include substantial stuff like most of the outlining process, shading, and some effects. However, if you want access to see how I do specific details that I would cut out, that will most likely be available through my patreon.
- 2ND, I'll probly stop posting everyday WIPS on my social sites like my tumblr and here. So all that I'll show is the sketch (a bit later than when officially finish it) and the finished picture (which may take forever to come out, get the idea). All the normal WIPS I post of my art will be exclusively available on my Patreon; + some other things I'll offer: 
  - (adv. tutorials and tips, private stream opps, full res pic download + .psd etc~).

Here's an example!! 

Breath of the Wild: Gumroad Package now available!!

- Full resolution pic
- .psd download w/ layers
- Extra Contest Sketch 
- Slow Speedpaint Exclusives

I'll go over all of these official changes later on when this actually happens but it's just a heads-up.

So if you happen have anything to spare for the time being, and you have the love in your heart to do anything you can to help this lil' kitty out, ALL of my eternal gratitude and digi-hugs! Thank you again to all of the love and support, I can't thank everyone enough for the support up to this point! I promise for my Patreon I'll put some rewards out soon!! Thank you wonderful peoples! <3

                                - Crystal out~

Created at


Hey guys, unfortunately super busy this month so no contest, sorry. I may do the contest a bit later on down the month, maybe mid-way or next month but at the moment, no-can-do. Thanks for your patience and I'll let you know soon if I can make something happen!
Cheers to the year of implementation~

- CKK~♡
Hey fam, may or may not stream today, we'll see. Working on some personal side projects that I will announce a bit later, but if I do stream it'll be a bit late. Working hard behind the scenes to get back into it once I get some time!
Also just to let you guys know, I won't be able to stream next Friday, got something to do (I know you've been hangin' in there for years now but I MEAN IT!!).
Sorry things are so slow, busy with cooleg n' all that... I promise I'll be back! I have BIG plans for this CKK. I may be small now, but hopefully next year I'll be in the works of making my art an official business. All the pieces are slowly falling into place so when I eventually DO get some time, I'll have more to offer you guys. Lots of projects on the way though, so thanks again for being patiently awesome like always! :)
Hey kids, doin a halloweeny stream tomorro to finally finish a UT AU and then some; would like to get 2 done for Oct. Again, STREAMS EVERY FRIDAY STARTING BETWEEN 1-3PST. Gonna most likely have my mic on, hope to see you there! :)


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