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The owner of a pair of yellow-orange eyes gazed at the large heart-shaped moon at the very top of the castle. Bit by bit, it was growing larger with numerous hearts flowing towards it. All thanks to Roxas and the puppet.


He noticed that his Keyblade Wielders were not entirely under his control.

No. VIII had recently retrieved Xion a couple of days ago. No. XIII had asked about 'Sora' the day after she returned; though he had a feeling that the young Nobody didn't know that Sora is his other.

And then there's him.

It's been nearly 78 days since he had appeared. Though it's been 77 days since he heard some interesting... info; as well as the first time he saw him. Saïx was right; the two of them do look alike. Minus the hair length and color, different skin color, eye color and different ages; though, the two do have the same facial frame.

And yet...

"He is the light," he raised his right hand and stretched his fingers, "while I," black energy appeared in his hand, coursing with blue electricity; but one could faintly see red and silver transparent cubes appearing along with them, "am darkness." His fingers curled around into the energy, just as a weapon formed.

The shaft of the weapon is in the color of silver, the edges a brighter silver. The teeth are made of two pick-like points, with two hammer-like protrusions on the opposite side. The guard is a scarlet red color, and seems to be crafted from two Omega insignias, the pommel a crimson red cone. The token on the keychain looks like a rock fragment with a Nobody symbol on it.

Bringing the weapon to his eye level, the Superior gazed at the Keyblade in his hand. It looks like the Keyblade once wielded by… his half; except… colored differently.

The first day he got this was around the time Xion left the organization (not that he cared), also when he was ambushed by Pure-Blood Heartless when wondering around the Dark City.

Now, what they originally thought about the Keyblade is broken. All because of his appearance; things he couldn't have imagined with what the Keyblade could do!

Command Styles, Shotlocks, hell, there's no telling what they're able to do…

Giving the Keyblade one more glance, he dismissed it and looked up at the sky.

After a while, he smirked. A very fiendish smirk.

"Perhaps it is good you've appeared after all…" He chuckled fiendishly then teleported somewhere else…

49 days later, at the Mysterious Tower…

In a spare bedroom, the young man known as Terra looked dead to the world as he slept on in his bed. As he slept, he dreamed… and also began to talk in his sleep. "Sure Aqua… I'd love to dance with you…" He mumbled, turning over in his sleep.

At that moment, the three fairies poofed into the room, and noticed him, still dead to the world.

They looked at each other… and nodded, the three of them sharing mischievous looks.

"Ready girls?" Flora asked, sharing a grin with the other two.

"Ready!" They chirped. They twirled their wands and in unison, fired their beams – in their respective colors: red, blue and green – at the slumbering teenager…

Terra's Dream Sequence:

The ballroom was incredibly fantastic. The musicians played beautiful music, prompting everyone there to dance. In the crowd, two certain people stand out.

The two are none other than Terra and Aqua. The brunette is wearing an elegant gentlemen's outfit while Aqua is wearing a dress, just as elegant as his.

(A/N: For visual aid, picture Terra wearing the outfit Lloyd wore in Tales of Symphonia, only it's black and red, without the straps and the ribbons (the ascot is also red) while Aqua's dress is the one Tiana wore in Princess and the Frog (before she met Frog Naveen) except the tiara and its colored in shades of blue.)

The two of them danced around in rhythm, reminding him of Cinderella and the Prince when they danced together.

"Terra, I never knew you could dance so well!" The bluenette exclaimed in awe, the two twirling in rhythm of the music.

"Funny, neither did I," the brunette admitted, grinning like a fool as they continued to dance.

Aqua giggled a little and her azure blue eyes peered into his cobalt blue orbs. The two closed their eyes and leaned towards each other, their lips puckering a bit-

Suddenly, everything went black, the record scratching as it does so.

"What the-"

Suddenly, a pair of beady black eyes and big puffy red lips appeared in the darkness. "Hi," the owner said, rather creepily with a scary tone of a high pitched voice. (Guess who? XP)

:End Dream Sequence (which comically shatters like glass).

The brunette screamed, jolting awake with his hands clutching tightly onto his bed sheets. He panted heavily, patting his chest to calm his beating heart from the dream he had. It had started out so nice, too, but…

He shuddered as he remembered the creepy ass face with that… creepy tone…! A part of him hoped that he wouldn't have that dream again…

He heard giggling next to his bedside and looked at the source. Covering their mouths, unsuccessfully stifling their laughs, are Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

A sudden realization dawned on him. If they were here, and giggling…

Dreading his next move, he looked down-

"EH?" He exclaimed, finding himself wearing a PUFFY pink dress, with puffy sleeves, white long gloves, and, when he felt around his head, a small crown! (Princess Peach's oufit! X3)

Why the hell did they put him in a dress?? Not cool!

Seeing his reaction, and not containing it anymore, the three of them laughed at the flustered young man. Terra gave the three of them a death glare, gritting his teeth from snarling. "Not… FUNNY!" He shouted at them with gritted teeth, blushing deeply.

"Forgive us Terra," Flora apologized between giggles. "But we couldn't pass up an opportunity like this."

"Mm-hmm," Fauna nodded, "Since this is the last day you'll be staying here."

Anger forgotten, the young man raised a brow at them, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Sorry, but it's a surprise!" Merryweather exclaimed, the three of them hiding their hands behind their backs.

Giving them a look, he hopped off the bed and grumbled under his breath, searching for spare clothes, even pulling a bit of the dress up to walk better, since the fairies practically changed his pajamas. The three of them watched him as he does so.

Fauna: *looks at the viewer/reader while shrugging* "Some people just can't handle change, I guess."

Everyone in the room gave her a look before looking at what Fauna was looking at with a perplexed look. Slightly unnerved, the brunette teen went back to what he was doing, the other two returning their attention back to him.

The red clothed fairy blinked, as if realizing something. "Oh, that's right, Master Yen Sid said for you to see him as soon as you are dressed, dear."

Looking at them, he faked a grin. "Oh, okay, I'll do that, but first, can I ask you guys something?"

"Of course dear, what is it?"

"Can you please get me out of this thing?" The brunette pulled on his dress a little, looking a little peeved.

"Oh, alright then," Flora said, nodding.

A bit later…

The four of them walked into Yen Sid's study, the brunette holding onto his armor shoulder piece. As usual, he found the sorcerer hunched over some parchment or another on his desk, mumbling to himself and there were blue swirls of light looping through the air around his hands, which he was waving in some sort of intricate pattern before him. Although he didn't want to admit it, but Terra found himself interested at what the wizard is doing.

"Um…" He let out to get the older man's attention. He didn't reply immediately, merely flicking his eyes at them briefly, then looking at the paper again. He took this as a cue to let him finish.  

The blue light-loops shifted to a green color and then, with a strange fizzling noise, seemed to eat away at themselves until they vanished completely. Yen Sid directed his attention to them then, wiping his hands on his robe as if they were dirty.

"Good to see you awake Terra," he nodded. "Now please, place your armor on. We have much to discuss."   

The brunette gave him an odd look before doing what he said, bringing the shoulder piece close to his shoulder. It immediately clamped on and, in streams and data cubes of yellow light, his gauntlet and armored boots appeared.

"Alright, you got me up and about," the earth warrior began, "So what's going on?"

The wizard went silent, staring at the brunette with his stern eyes. Behind him, the three fairies looked like they were about to explode from contained excitement.

After a moment, when the Keyblade wielder was starting to get unnerved, the retired Keyblade Master said, "Even if I'm not a Master no more, it doesn't mean that I can perform the exam." At the end of the sentence, he smirked as he let the information sink in Terra's head.

At first, the brunette just stared at him with a brow raised, then did a take as it hit him. "What… did you say?" He asked softly, as if he didn't hear him correctly.

"Terra," the moment the brunette heard that tone in the wizard's voice, he immediately knew it was serious, "it is time you show, if you truly are worthy of having the Mark of Mastery."

The brunette just stared at him, shocked by what he just heard. He knew exactly what the 'Mark of Mastery' – or for others, Masters Qualification Exam – is.

"But… the last time I took it, I failed! What if-"

He was cut off when the sorcerer held up his hand, prompting him to be quiet.

"I have a theory, if you might," he began as he brought his hand down, "The last time you took your exam, Xehanort was there, correct?"

"Um, yeah," the brunette nodded, "On the first part of the exam, the spheres of light were suddenly coated in darkness the moment they appear-" he suddenly cut himself off (the record scratching in his head) when it hit him like a ton of bricks. The things that had happened to him after that day rushed back to him, all the way to the part where he was possessed by-

"…Could you excuse me for a moment?" He said as he walked out of the room.

Yen Sid, as if sensing what he was about to do, waved his hand and a barrier of sorts appeared at the door the warrior went through.

As soon as he did that, throughout many worlds, the inhabitants could've sworn they heard someone shouting out many profanities that shall not be described in the fanfiction for the sake of rating. At the World That Never Was, Roxas and Xion looked shocked by what they heard until Axel put their ears on his body and blocked the other side with his hands. Demyx actually dropped his sitar in shock, but fortunately it didn't break. Xaldin and Luxord, while playing poker, looked outside in shock. Saïx looked like he was trying to ignore it by blocking his ears. Xigbar looked impressed by the sheer power of that person's lungs (Xigbar: Damn, that guy can scream…).

As soon as the huge swearing ended, a random Dusk imitated the dramatic groundhog look while Xemnas gave it a confused look, having just coming out of his daze from a creepy ass nightmare he had.

Back at the Mysterious Tower, when the old sorcerer felt that he's done, waved his hand again and the barrier went down. Right when a content brunette Keyblade wielder walked out.

"Okay, I feel better now." At that moment, he noticed Yen Sid giving him a look. "…What?"

The old master sighed, pitching the bridge of his nose. Removing his hand, he said, "Go on outside and wait while I get prepared."

"Uh… okay then," the brunette nodded hesitantly then walked to the door that'll lead outside. The three fairies gave the old master a concerned look before following the brunette out the door.

Once he was alone, the sorcerer sighed and shook his head. "Never in my life, have I heard such language…"


Outside the tower, the soon-to-be Keyblade Master stood straight at the bottom of the stairs, as he and the three fairies waited for the sorcerer to arrive. The fairies chattered to each other excitedly, for no one in the outside world had seen a test required for Keyblade wielders to become masters; Terra, on the other hand, was nervous on the inside. This is his second Mark of Mastery test. While he is excited to finally fulfill his dream, somehow… it doesn't feel right. Yen Side may be a master, but he's not his master… nor are Aqua and Ven here to see this…

But… what if something goes wrong again? What if he fails again? What if-

The large doors creaking open brought him out of his thoughts and resumed position – as the fairies looked toward the doors – just as Yen Sid walked out, the Keyblade Mickey once wielded back then in hisright hand. With his large eyes, the sorcerer looked at the four of them before him. Finally, he spoke with a loud and authoritive-like tone, directed at Terra:

"Today you will be examined for the Mark of Mastery."

Terra tried to calm himself by taking deep breathes through his nose as the sorcerer continued, "Before me is the chosen one of the many Keyblades in the Realm of Light, as a candidate… however," the three fairies looked at each other as he said, "it is not a test to show off how well you could wield a Keyblade – not a test of will, but a test of heart."

"You may prevail or not at the end of this test." Here, Terra flinched when he said the sentence, although Yen Sid seemed to neither notice nor care, if he did. "Now, I'm sure our honored guests," he gazed at the fairies when he said 'guests', "did not come to see the young prospect in years fall short of the Mark." The three of them made sheepish looks at each other.

The sorcerer returned his gaze back at the brunette. "Now, I trust that you are ready, Terra."

Taking another deep breath to calm himself, the earth knight replied with such confidence: "Yes."

Nodding, the sorcerer lifted his Keyblade just as light started to swirl to the tip. "Then let the examination begin." The shaft glowed purple, now filled with energy to do the first part of the task. Waving the very blade, five orbs of light appeared behind the brunette, who turned around and got into stance.

The three fairies quickly left to get to Yen Sid's side so they wouldn't get caught in the crossfire, just as the orbs began to move.

Terra immediately got into action, using his might to take down the orbs, using different sorts of attacks, including Strike Raid on farther ones and Sonic Blade on some others as more appeared.

As he does so, he couldn't help but feel nostalgic about taking this part of the test. Back then, the three of them took on the corrupted balls of light. They really gave it their all in destroying them-

Suddenly, Terra felt his eyes widen and moved out of the way in time to dodge one of them.

The brunette couldn't help but stared dumbly at the large orb then shook it off as he got more of them to defeat, getting back into the fray.

Eh, he'll worry about it later.

That WAS his thought, but, later on, he WILL question it. Not now though…

And he wasn't the only one who noticed. Yen Sid raised an eyebrow at the brunette, who still continued to defeat the orbs.

'Where did that spark of energy came from?' The sorcerer asked himself, having sensing the energy.

A minute later, the brunette successfully defeated all of the orbs in the field.

"Very good," the sorcerer nodded, the earth knight standing before him, panting slightly from the workout. "The objective of this part of the test is to prove that the wielder must keep a still heart even in the most trying of circumstances."  

Here, the brunette sighed softly, relieved.

"Now, let us move on to the next trial."

The earth warrior blinked in confusion and looked around. "But… Who am I suppose to fight? I mean, I can't fight you guys…"

"Hey, don't worry about it," a new voice cut in, "It's been worked out." Everyone turned to the source of the voice and the earth warrior and fairies were surprised by what they saw. Except for the sorcerer.

Standing before them, with a grin, is a man somewhere in his early twenties. His spiky black hair had a couple of pieces framing his face; his amethyst colored eyes peered at all of them, with some sort of enthusiasm in them. A taupe colored cape-like cloth was over his right arm, though some sort of red and dark red armored gauntlet is on his right wrist, along with a grey fingerless glove while the other hand has a red fingerless glove that reaches all the way to just beneath his armpit, with a pair of dark red bands on his wrist and at the part under his armpit. Under the cape is a yellow shirt in a mixture of a Chinese outfit and a swallow-tail suit, a pair of white pants with gray draw-strings, and a pair of purple boots with red designs on them.

The brunette doesn't know why, but there's something… funny about this man.

"Name's Emil," the man introduced himself, "so, nice to meet you all!" He grinned at them all.

Terra couldn't help but give Emil a funny look. This dude looked a bit… too happy with all of this.  

"Um… very well, Emil, but, how did you-"

"I'm an old friend of Yen Sid," Emil answered Flora's unfinished question. "The two of us go WAY back," he looked at the said sorcerer with a grin, "right?"

The sorcerer himself made a wistful smirk. "You haven't changed at all I see."

"Not planning to!" Emil said, the last word in a sing song-like tone. Terra couldn't help but make a gagging motion at that. "But enough of that," the black haired man waved it off, "we've got ourselves a trial to do, right?"

"Oh! That's right!" They nearly forgot about it when Emil appeared.  

After a moment of everyone getting their act together, the two warriors stood at opposite ends of the field, facing each other. "Now, in the next part of the trial, you will be facing your opponent in combat Terra," Yen Sid stated to everyone.

"Right, but unlike the first time you took it," Emil took over, "All you have to do is defeat me in this duel. If you do, while not going crazy on me while doing do, you'll win."

Again, Terra made a face.

Is this guy serious? Although… he couldn't help but feel that something isn't… right with this guy.

Putting it at the back of his mind for a bit, he summoned his Keyblade, Gaia Bane, just as Emil summoned his sword (for visual aid, his stance resembles the Lingering Sentiment's from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.)


At the sorcerer's declaration, Emil's expression suddenly turned serious and rushed at the earth warrior. Terra barely had time to block before the raven haired man is upon him and their weapons clashed. The two went into a power struggle – Emil trying to overpower the earth knight, the latter trying to get the former off of him. With effort, Terra managed to force Emil off of him and took a swing at him; however, the other male flipped out of the way from the attack and landed a couple of feet away from the brunette.

The man once again charged at the brunette, who also charged at him and clashed their weapons again. Suddenly, Emil drew back, and threw a couple of slashes at the earth warrior, the said wielder having a hard time dodging and blocking the onslaught. Terra managed to back up just in time to avoid an upward vertical slash from Emil, also nearly getting his nose scratched. He did a backward handspring to get away from the black haired warrior and threw his Keyblade at the man. Unfortunately, Emil dodged the weapon and a sphere of azure blue energy formed in his free hand. Tossing his sword up, Emil actually caught Terra's Keyblade as it was flying back at him like a boomerang and fired the sphere at the now defenseless brunette.

Doing a take, the young warrior instinctively held up his arms in a pathetic attempt to shield himself from the blast, bracing himself for the world of hurt-

Yet it didn't came.

Confused, he slowly opened his eyes… and did a take in shock. Who wouldn't when a barrier of light appeared around them; yet disappeared when noticed? Even everyone else are just as shocked as the brunette, while the sorcerer just held on a stoic look. With the brown haired warrior, a part of him wanted to know what the hell just happened, while the other part of him just wanted to get this over with.

Remembering that he still got an exam to complete, he outstretched his hand and called his Keyblade back to him. That got everyone else's mind out of the gutter and the battle resumed.

Yen Sid only strokes his beard as he watches, his stern eyes never leaving their gaze on Terra.


The young man stood before the old sorcerer, some sweat plastered on his face as he panted a little. Emil stood to the side, looking tired as well, but not really complaining.   

"I have the results," Yen Sid announced to all, but mostly to the young man. Everyone immediately turned their attention at the sorcerer. He looked at them all once again. Then smiled. "It is my pleasure to announce that Keyblade Wielder Terra has passed the exam."

The earth warrior felt as if a random goat at rammed him in the gut as his breath was caught in his throat. He could hardly believe it.

He passed the Mark of Mastery exam!

At first, he wasn't sure how to express his delight. However, a grin started to form on his lips. Suddenly, he jumped into the air and pumped his fist. "YEAH!"

The brunette jumped for joy at his success, the three fairies cheered for him. Emil smiled and crossed his arms. Yen Sid made a small smile at that, but then became serious.

"Terra," the old dude (Yen Sid gave a stern look at no one in particular) er… sorcerer (he nodded once before looking back at the others, as if the event hadn't happened) called out to the brunette. Everyone gave their attention to the sorcerer as he crossed his arms, the brunette stopped celebrating to listen. "Now that you have become master, it is time for you to choose."

He blinked. "Choose?"

"Yes," the sorcerer nodded. "Whenever a Keyblade Apprentice becomes a Keyblade Master, they are given a choice of what they shall do for the rest of their life. You can either go and create your own world and start taking apprentices, much like myself and Eraqus; or you can venture out to other worlds and explore some of the new worlds yet to discover, much like Xehanort chose to do."

After hearing it, the brunette crossed his arms, humming thoughtfully. Well, that IS true…

He did remember planning that, once he became a master, he'd go around and explore the universe. But that was back then. Now…

"Well, I know what I wanted to do." Everyone looked at the earth knight as he spoke. "A day after I came back, I made a promise that I'd do everything I can to help stop Organization XIII. I know what they're after, but I needed to find a way to get to their world and stop them. Along with finding both Aqua and Ven."

The sorcerer nodded once at his response and made a small smile. "I had a feeling you might say that," he said. After a moment of silence, he told him, "Very well, go on and pack up what you think you might need for your journey."

"Yes sir!" The brunette nodded and made his way up the stairs, the blue clad man moving aside to let him pass. The three fairies looked at each other and nodded, disappearing in bursts of light in their respective colors.

Once the two were alone, Yen Sid sighed through his nose, hung his head and closed his eyes.

"Somehow, I have a feeling something terrible will happen," he said to the black haired man.

The man looked at him in confusion. "Hm? What makes you say that?"

The sorcerer didn't reply immediately but after a minute, he did, "During the time Terra has been here, the young man was not able to use his other abilities. The abilities that made him into what Xehanort wanted." The black haired man listened silently as he went on, "The young man only wanted power, so he can protect the ones he loves; yet how he does it isn't the right way…"

Emil hummed thoughtfully and held his hands behind his head. "Well… that's one of the faults all humans have since they were made. Although, me and the others used to be human as well until we became guardians."

"Yes," the retired Keyblade Master nodded. "However, ever since he has come back, all I sensed from his heart is what remains of his light, which steadily grows stronger and stronger with his newfound resolve; I am not sure what happened to the darkness that was within his heart once." He looked at the raven haired as he asked, "Do you know what has happened to it?"

The man made an uneasy look at that. "Well… I can tell you one thing: I just hope the both of them aren't equal if they meet up. If they aren't, everything will be alright with the universe."

"Equal?" The sorcerer repeated, this time confused. What does he mean-

Suddenly it hit him. And he frowned then looked up at the sky. "I certainly hope so too. I certainly hope so…"

With Terra…

"Okay… I have some food that might last me a week or so if I can conserve them; a flask filled with water; a bar of soap in case I go to a world that doesn't have any of those; toothbrush and toothpaste; a towel, just in case…" Terra listed off as he checked over the supplies in his magical backpack that the fairies had kindly puffed up for him.

Although they do nice things for him, he felt… a little edgy around them. They did say they were once Princess Aurora's caretakers, right? What if they were secretly angry with him; since he had a feeling they know about his part of stealing the princess's heart. And them doing pranks on him is their way of getting revenge. But… he felt that he deserved this punishment for what he did.

Behind him, the three fairies watched him as he packed. While it is true that they knew about what happened back then, when they went with Ventus to get Aurora's heart back, they never really held anything against him. Although, they did do pranks on the poor lad, it's only just for fun.

Giving each other a glance, they nodded and approached the brunette. "Terra?" Flora called out.

Terra was just stuffing his pajamas into the bag when he heard Flora calling his name. "Hm?" He let out as he looked at them. "What's up?"

"Well… we know about what happened back then and-"

"I know," the brunette softly cut off the blue clad fairy, "And… I think I'd be angry at myself for what I've did-"

"Oh, no deary, that's not it at all," Fauna calmly interrupted the Keyblade Master.

"Huh?" The brunette let out in surprise, along with a surprised look on his face.

"Don't worry, we all know it wasn't your fault," she continued, smiling at the young man kindly.

"We know that it was Maleficent's doing ever since she had her heart," Merryweather added, with the same smile as the green clad fairy.

Terra couldn't help but stare at them. They… They forgave him?? But…

"But what if Aurora doesn't forgive me for that? How can you be so sure that-"

"We all forgave you for that Terra," Flora assured him, then grinned. "And I'm sure Aurora will forgive you, too."

Terra stared at the three of them, looking at their smiling faces. They all looked so sincere… trusting. He couldn't help but to smile at them as well. "Okay, I guess I'll take your word for it…" He scratched the back of his head.

For what felt like the first time, the four of them shared a grin with each other.


"Thanks for letting me stick around for a while Mas- err… should I still call you 'Master Yen Sid'?"

"It doesn't really matter Terra," Yen Sid said to the brunette. The five of them are outside of the tower after the new Keyblade Master had finished packing.

Noticing that someone is missing, he looked around. "Hey, where's-"

"He left," Yen Sid answered his unfinished question. "He told me that he has more important things to do. And he asked me to tell you 'good luck'."

"Oh…" A sweat-drop formed at the back of his head. "Uh… I'll tell him 'thanks' if I ever see him."

"Very well," the wizard nodded. That's when Flora blinked, remembering something.

"Oh, yes! I almost forgot!"

"What?" Terra asked.

"Girls?" Flora asked the green and blue clad fairies.

"Right," the two nodded. In unison, the three twirled their wands and the brunette's clothes glowed a bit before returning to normal.

"There, we made your clothes magical so when you enter a world that requires you to change your appearance, your clothes will do just that," the red clad fairy explained.

"Oh, thank you," he said gratefully. On the inside, he was thankful that they didn't put him in a dress again.

Yen Sid suddenly went serious. "Remember, the Organization are stronger than they look. You must never underestimate them!"

"Right," Terra nodded. His thoughts went back to Xion. 'But… what about Xion? She doesn't seem so bad…'

"Please be careful dear," Fauna looked concerned as she said it, which got Terra out of his thoughts.

He nodded once again. "I will," he assured her. He steps back a bit to gain some room. Once he's far enough, he pounded the black disk on his left shoulder guard and the young man was consumed in an oval of yellow light. When it ended, the brunette is covered head to toe in his armor, a bit of lightning coursed over his being before completely fading out. His Keyblade appeared in his hand and he threw it into the air. Instead of automatically coming back to him like a boomerang, it flashed red before coming back to him as his jet ski-like vehicle.

The three fairies could help but let out cries of awe at the sight. They never knew Keyblades could do that!

With great strength in his legs, he jumped into the air and landed perfectly onto his Keyblade Glider. "See you guys later!" He shouted at them, waving goodbye one more time. After that, he shoots off into the sky, leaving behind a streak of red, the four waving back at him.

Unknown to them, hiding from sight, a certain someone had witnessed the departure of his other half.

"…" He disappeared in a portal, before anyone could notice that he's here…
Yelp, I made Terra a master. I figured that the poor guy deserve it from all of the shit he went through in Birth by Sleep.

Yes, I own the copy of the game and LOVED it! And completely beaten it in a span of... a week? I don't remember actually. :confused:

Meh, who cares at this moment...

Oh, and a little something something that I wasn't able to put into the page:


A white circle appeared on top of the black background, showing Xemnas walking with Xigbar. “So, did you have any interesting dream?” The eye-patched Nobody asked.

This caused Xemnas to freeze, remembering the creepy ass face saying “Hi” to him. Very creepy like…

The Freeshooter blinked. “Hey. Mr. Boss dude? Anyone home?” Xigbar asked as he knocked on the Superior’s head a bit.

“It’s nothing,” he insisted before walking away from him.

The Nobody just blinked once he’s alone. “I wonder what’s so bad about it…” He scratched his head before the circle closed.

And now...

I don't own the Kingdom Hearts series. If I did, why would I make fanfictions of it?

I do own the plot and the characters you don't recognize.

Don't steal them please.
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