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Ha. That Husk photobomb.
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This is by far my favorite of the initial Shepard designs. I wish they had gone through with it.
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You did an extremely amazing job on this!
kyubiman's avatar
Those darn husk, always photobombing.
Marine1337's avatar
Husks, the Photobombers from Hell XD
YunikoYokai's avatar
Ha! The husk wants in on the photo too XD Awesome piece! But Javik's expression...oh gawd!
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anicentprophecies's avatar
There just HAS to be that one stranger that tries to get some, when you take selfies :D LOL
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That's awesome!
Scrappy195's avatar
Very cool selfie! Especially Javic's facial expression.
Well done Heart 
ACEnBEAKY's avatar
That is a BEAUTIFUL Edi.
Gii-Wizz's avatar
I love this piece. Especially when artist drawing selfies, it really shows how times and pop culture is changing. I just love the feeling of someone drawing a selfie.

Great Job! :)
CrystalGrazianoArt's avatar
Thanks!  I think selfies are cute, especially in a sci fi setting.
rheia2's avatar
Great stuff.

Damn that husk photobombing Shep... before you know it an extranet site will pop up dedicated to those things photobombing everything in the universe!!
Ultamisia's avatar
haha XD awesome stuff :D
finex666's avatar
i dont think Javic liked the husk getting in the pic
Vicious713's avatar
That husk is about to get it's ass kicked. 
Reclusiarch's avatar
Love this piece. Good work! :D
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