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Nick Valentine

Wanted to do a fake pulp style cover like you get in the Fallout games!  They're so expensive! :P  It was really fun to paint him, he's such a good companion <3

Prints available at my store!…
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That's really cool!

It'd be awesome if there was a comic based off Nick. He's a great character.

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I really love this!
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LOL NO WAY! I saw this and it jumped out at me because I named my character "Nuclear" Winter! Awesome art btw!
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Would love this as a modded cover for an in-game magazine...
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omg this is the coolest nick art ever!!!XD
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He does feel like a comic book detective.
Nice one. He's next on my follower list after I maxed out Codsworth.
I'd read the FUCK about that. :D
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Wow... Knowing Nick's character and Fallout... I'd read this comic! *Starts throwing cash at the screen*
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This is amazing!! :D
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My brother bought me a print of this for Christmas. You are super talented and I am in love with it! Thank you for painting this XD
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Omfg I love this!!!
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Excellent. This is amazing :)
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Great work.. I like this Character and the voice acting in this one is really good I can imagine a whole show just about him the Synth Detective 
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Omg this is fantastic!
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I like that it's got this 40's - 50's detective feel to it, which is only complimented by the period guns in frame; like the Luger and police issues.
Very nice.
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Thanks!  I did my best to give it a vintage feel :)
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This is several shades of awesome - well done :)
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Nicky!!! He looks so cool!!! Great work
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Please do one with piper, it looks so amazing!!!!
CrystalGrazianoArt's avatar
I just uploaded some Piper! :)
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