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She needed a ballgown, just sayin'
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Done a good job on the dress
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Finally, some proper eveningwear for Leliana, well done! Not sure why they went with the Napoleonic style uniforms at the Winter Palace, all came across like they were five seconds away from getting shot by Sharpe and Harper :) Great work!
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oh god, she's beautiful! I'd like to see this Leliana in game Meow :3 
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This is gorgeous.
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Bloody Haven!!! That's Beutiful!!! Thats exactly what she should wear in the Winter Palace. DAMN IT BIOWARE!!! 
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This is spot on gorgeous!!
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Beautiful, but... where are her SHOES??? :giggle: Leliana could stand the awful Fereldan garments, but not the lack of fancy Orlesian shoes :D!
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Holy shit that's gorgeous.
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Wow! Leliana should have been in something as lovely as this when she was at the grand ball.
That red suit thing we all wore was kinda a let down... and honestly don't orlesians take offense to matching outfits?
It is scandalous after all! :D (Big Grin) 

This is so going in my fave collection :lovesquee:  
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Wonderful art :heart:
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it's was kind of disappointing that everyone has used the same outfits, especially for leliana, vivienne and josephine.

wonderful drawing, btw. I just love how you draw her and the dress you made for her.
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The dress in and of itself is absolutely gorgeous.  The folds in the skirt are spectacular , and the coloring is perfect.  Her eyes are striking.  You've captured the "feel" of her face very well.  This is definitely Leliana-- and she definitely needed a beautiful gown to go with her lovely new shoes :heart:  Thank you for drawing this beautiful picture!  It's my favorite drawing of Leliana I've found yet.
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I needed a ballgown, I'm disappointed I showed up to a ball dressed like a soldier. At least I didn't have Solas' hat XP
This looks great, I could imagine Leliana wearing this and her blue satin shoes she loved so much in DAO. Phenomenal job! ^.^
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What accent does Leliana have an English accent or French one? I could never tell as the first time I heard her speak in Dragon Age Origins she sounded very French I thought but as I heard her talk more she did sound English but I can't tell?
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She's spent a lot of time in both Ferelden and Orlais, so I always thought it sounded like a hybrid of both.
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That makes sense she has a bit of a Captain Jean Luc Picard going on with her accent :)
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She loves dresses and shoes, she's a big player of 'the game', she SHOULD have been there in a ballgown.
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So classy, so classy. :love:
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To match her blue silk shoes she got in DA: Origins! This is beautiful!
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I loved her shoe remarks too.
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Absolutely gorgeous work, I've seen it already on tumblr and I'm completely stunned again *_*
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