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She's pretty adorable. I like having her, Sten, and Zevran as my team. :>

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Your choice of colors is amazing! Really love it!
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This is the one of best Leliana fanart. Gives a mature look to her
I like your touch. Keep it up
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This is really nice. 

Thanks for sharing,

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Aww...  Happy Leliana before she kind of turned into stabbs-ma'gee.  :P  lol!  I love her either way.  Still, of all the various art there is of her out there I do still love her look from the Sacred Ashes trailer.  This is quite beautiful!
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Love the style for this. Brilliant work.
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Her and Stens dialogue was awesome.
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You know what I like about Leliana most out of all the romancable female characters Bioware made over the years? The fact that she's both pretty on the outside and the inside. She very attractive to the eyes and her personailty is so sweet and kind despite all the hardships the poor girl had to go through in her past.

Also she's not a weird blue with no ears, nor is she bitch in the least compared to some of the other female characters Biowar made. 

Also Leliana seems like a type of girl I could meet or want to meet one day in real life and maybe even take home to meet my parents. She seems one of the most human and innocent of all the female characters made by Bioware which is my main reason for loving her so much.

all the other females seem so whiny, selfish, self centered or are some weird looking alien but Leliana just seems like some girl you could meet in real life minus hopeful her criminal background cause what guy would want to date a girl whom is technically a criminal? Lol :)
Excellent work! I really like the style of this piece; for some reason, it almost reminds me of a World War II-era pinup, oddly enough. Great use of colour, and the detailing is very well done, with a great expression from our favourite assassin/bard/archer/concubine/spy/nun. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow! Awesome art! :D
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theres my girl <3 romanced her with my berserker dalish elf fem!waren ^^ rly love this! your so talented! have you got a tutorial for painting ike this? its gorgeous! love leli, my fav team was always her,morrigan and sten 
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Whoa, this beats the heck out of her in-game model!
I wish there was a mod to make her look exactly like this it is so well done
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Fantastic art :heart:
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......guh :love: Sooooo sexy ......:heart: I will love her and hug her and I will call her George!
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her head is so awesomly painted.
And the background fits so nice with it
Thumbs Up
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Okay... you need to drwa more girls of DA... wow!!!
This is amazing :hug:
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I couldn't agree the more with you: she's really pretty adorable and you've painted her so nicely! :love:
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I love this. I love Leliana but I have the hardest time drawing her.
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Awesome work :D Will you do any more Dragon Age characters? I would to see what you can do with Morrigan and/or Isabela ;)
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