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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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My Bio

(Hey guys. i have moved to another account and it be pretty cool if you check it out. I am more active there too! So sorry if you wondered where i went. My current account is ClaraGemHeart)

roleplaying is my game! Crystal is the name!

i’ll introduce myself. hello, i am CrystalGamergold (formerly Hakuvalhalla) but you can call me Crystal. I am a girl, and i have some stories in my profile. I usually don’t allow Swear words (at least adult ones) unless

1) it’s censored.

2) you’re very close to me or a very close friend, so i’ll allow it.


Mexican Spanish language level NATIVE
American English language level EXPERT
French language level RANDOM WORDS

yes, its true that i am Mexican and i fluently speak English. Mostly since i live in the United States And most of my friends are American. I’m currently trying to Learn French, so excuse me if i sound like i used Google translate to understand french :’)

i like people who are nice, friends, love stories (unless its way too narcissistic), slightly scary stories, possibly horror games (i haven’t played them yet, though i look and research them, so i take some of them inspiration). my wish is to be an Actress or voice actress and singer! Maybe even chef! But i do enjoy art so i practice drawing so i can show the world my creations! I still struggle a little, but i’m getting there. Alright, if you ever need to talk to me (even if its small talk), i’ll be here!

oh, and one more thing, my profile may not exactly be appropriate for anyone younger than 12 or if they’re faint of heart. Reason why is: because my character Crystal is suicidal sometimes, i made some kind of arc story about ghosts and spirits (which i assume all know but ghost are dead and my OCs from the past have died in sad ways), signs of bullying or blood on body, sad and terribly losses, and last but not least, signs/depictions of being neglected, and mental health struggles.

if anyone is offended by LGTB stuff, then you should not click here. Lets just say, LGTB is something normal in my profile. one of my OCs is bisexual, another is Asexual, another is Pansexual and the other is Lesbian. what can i say, LGTB is awesome. Can’t change my mind, Buddy! However, if you can’t support it (because of various reasons) but you respect it, then you are still welcome as well! As long as you don’t force me or anyone about it, its fine.

anyway, thats it! If anyone isn’t offended by the warnings i put, then you come to the right place!

Favourite Visual Artist
A lot of artist, especially AndyfoxReshiram03
Favourite Movies
Mostly every movie Disney made
Favourite TV Shows
Spongebob, The Amazing World of Gumball, Pocoyo (even though I’m older), My Little Pony, Steven universe (the show i understood the most X’)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Uh, game music? Like the soundtracks! I recently started liking FNF music!
Favourite Books
Not really sure
Favourite Games
Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Pokémon, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Brothers, Friday night funkin (even though i’m kind of bad at it)
Favourite Gaming Platform
The switch!
Tools of the Trade
I normally use Procreate to draw

Donation Pool

Can i have points please?

I honestly just want points to pay for Point commissions and stuff, like adopts or something. i understand if you don’t want to donate to me.

0/5000 points

Why i’ll be a little inactive

Hey guys, i might take a break for 2 weeks. Its just negative thoughts filling my head. Worrying for my parents’s well being, regrets i did, stuff like that. And i’ve been a little inactive due to that. So please excuse me if i take another break. I still will talk to people, mostly friends. I just need a break to think stuff through.

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