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Title: Crystal Fair - Ponify Finland - Competition updates!

The first part of our “Ponify Finland” competition has reached its end! Thanks to all who took part in it, we’ve received plenty of amazing pieces of art and can’t wait to announce the winners! Like most of you probably know, the best submission in each category will receive a Crystal Fair - T-shirt, and all the winning submissions will be a part of our charity auction held at the convention!

We have two special judges who will go through each submission, choose the three winners, and will also be writing their opinions about the winning creations. These judges, who will be announced in the near future, are known for their amazing art in the brony fandom, and most of you will probably recognize them by their nicknames. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for their announcement!

Competition 2:

Traditional Art

5. October 2013 - 4. January 2014

Now that the first part has come to an end, the second part of the competition can begin! The theme of the competition is the same as in the first part: “Ponify Finland”. But instead of digital art, the submissions will have to be traditional art! For those who prefer paintbrushes, pencils, and real paper, this is the competition for you!

Just like in the first part of the competition, three winners will be chosen by our judges. The best one of those three will win a Crystal Fair - T-shirt, and all three works will be a part of a bundle in our Charity auction at the convention! Naturally, proper credit will be given to the original artists.

The deadline for this part of the competition will be the 4th of January 2014 at 23:59 (GMT), so you’ll have plenty of time to make your own submission! Like already mentioned, submissions must be a form of traditional art, for example: paintings, drawings, sketches, graffiti, tattoos, etc. (note: physical 3D works such as miniature statues do not belong to this category).  Keep in mind that by taking part in the competition you’ll have to be able to transport your original creation to Crystal Fair by the convention, thus some forms of traditional art might turn out to be problematic.

Entries must be submitted to the Competition folder in our deviantArt group. You are only allowed to enter once, but you may change your submission. If you wish to do so, simply remove your previous submission from the folder and add another. You don’t need to join the Crystal Fair deviantArt group to submit to the folder, you can simply click on “Contribute to This Folder” to do so.  Since the original versions of all submissions won’t be digital, you should either take an image or scan your creation, and submit the image file.

General Rules

• Only Safe For Work material will be accepted (Specifically no pornographic, sexually explicit or suggestive material, tasteless nudity, extreme violence or gore is allowed).
• All entries must be original artwork created by you from scratch. Do not plagiarize, copy or trace existing artworks. However, for Photoshop creations you may use free stock photos or any photography you have been given a permission to use by the author. Sequential artworks (comics) are also allowed.
• You may not use any copyrighted characters or creations of any other artists without their permission.
• You may not use the original name of a product or an individual person in your creation, unless you have a written permission from them to do so.
• Please note that in submitting your artwork, you also agree to allow Crystal Fair to use your artwork for promotional purposes of future art events and competitions.
• In order to receive a prize, you must be willing to share your personal information with the Crystal Fair (Such as name, address, etc).
• For physical creations, you must either be wiling to deliver them to the convention in person or to send it in by mail to an address we will specify, as the item in question must be present at the Charity auction.

We can’t wait to see all your creations!

Journal entry for the first part of the competition
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I can't wait to finish my art for this competition ^^ but first I must do school stuff :U
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I'll be waiting for the results here. :D
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Not only you ;)