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Bright Eyes

This was great fun to paint - nice experimenting with the colours and lighting :nod:. Hope you enjoy it ;)

[link] for the beautiful reference photo :)
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oh!! She's so pretty.

So beautiful, and so innocent

loving it!!

<3 <3 <3 <3
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Soo pretty. :heart: I love the tones of purple and blue you used in her skin too.
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thanks :D it's always fun to play around with colours like that - I really must do it more :nod:
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Ooh, beautiful:aww:
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You're welcome:)
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Shes beutiful :D
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I dont know but i dont see enough black american art XD so yeah i just really like this XD anyways now i must watch you.
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perfect!!!!! :D tis may sound strange but she has a strikin resembalance to my sister ^^;
crystaleyes909's avatar
aw that's cool ^^ glad you like it :)
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It do look like the girl you used as a reference. :D (wich is good)
I like the eyes, you're really good to do eyes :)
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oh wow this is beautiful! great job <3
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Simply lovely very good use of colour and lighting you have capured the innocene very well indeed
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This looks great hannah, it has been sitting in my inbox for awhile, but I just finally clicked on it. I really am loving all of these great paintings! I especially love her smile in this one, tis very nice. The colors you brought in are awesome as well, you are getting very gooood :D.
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Really great, love her eyes and smile. Your pretty good at this, wonderful style to. I can't decide on a style, not sure what works for me :P
crystaleyes909's avatar
I never really thought I had a style to be honest =p I used to try, decided I wouldn't bother, and now it seems it has sneaked up on me ;)

thanks for the comment :aww:
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A style can be that you use a specific brush to make things with, and then you use that because it's better. I have tried round dotts and that is working for me :P
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very good pic <3!
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