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Season 1 June Tasks-Researchers

Task 1

Mira and Crystal had arrived at Archimedes' laboratory. "Mr. Archimedes, we're here for your job." Crystal called. "Quiet, don't wake him up," a voice whisper-shouted. Archimedes appeared from the laboratory, "Ah children, welcome. Are you here to help me?" "Yes," Mira replied. A loud boom was heard inside and the building seemed to shake. "Ah!" The Inkay cried, "Come in, come in!" He rushed you into the lab. The Snorlax was trying to pound the life out of some machine and by the looks of it, succeeding. "No my controller!" Archimedes cried. He turned to Crystal and Mira, "Have an ideas?" "Would any of the instruments short circuit if they got wet?" Mira questioned. "No, we make sure that they're either waterproof or they're not electric, if we get any spilled water. Why, what are you planning?" Archimedes replied. "What if we flood the lab with about two feet of water and float the Snorlax out?" "Then we wouldn't need to push him, which could hurt him and then we can clean up the water afterword," Crystal added. "That's not a half bad idea. Let's do it," Archimedes agreed.

"Ok, ready Crystal?" Mira asked. "Ready," Crystal replied. Crystal started to use aqua tail to create the water. "Slow and steady Crystal, we don't want to much water at a time," the Absol reassured the Dratini. Crystal took a deep breath and slowed down. Soon, the water level was about two feet. The duo slowly walked over to the sleeping Snorlax. Slowly, the duo got on both sides of the sleeping Pokemon and slowly started to push. They weren't moving very fast, but it was working. Eventually, they made their way out of the lab. "Thank you so much children," Archimedes praised, "but, would it trouble you to help me clean up?" "Of course not Mr. Archimedes, we'd be happy to help," Mira replied. Soon the three Pokemon were cleaning up the lab. Mira and Archimedes were mopping and Crystal was fixing the broken machines. Soon, the lab looked like it did before the Snorlax came through. "Thank you so much children! What would you like as your reward?" The Inkay said. "Umm, we'll take the storage room key 1 if you don't mind," Crystal replied. "Not at all here you go," Archimedes handed over the key, "Now run along. I've got charts to check about my patient." Crystal and Mira started to walk away. "Bye, Mr. Archimedes," Crystal called back.
I'd like the storage room key. This is a task for the June tasks from PMDUnity. Here's a link to my team-…
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