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PMDUnity main task
Agent 1-Sceptile
Crystal and Mira were waking through the streets of Andalusst, looking for a certain tailless Sceptile. As they were walking, they stopped when they heard what sounded like fighting. "Mira, t-they're fighting. Maybe we should go the other way," Crystal whispered. The Absol have a reassuring smile to the frightened Dratini. "Remember, the Sceptile is quick to fight. Don't worry, I won't let anyone hurt you," Mira whispered back. Suddenly a voice rang out from the alley, "Where'd your tail go, huh Secptile?" "There's our guy," Mira said. The sound of something large falling to the ground was heard, followed by someone muttering. "Ok, I'm going in. You stay out here and make sure no one comes in or out. Can you do that?" Mira asked. "Sure I can, but why are you going in alone. Are you going to fight him in there?" Crystal replied with a worried look on her face. Mira patted the top of Crystal's head and replied, "If my plan works, no. But if it doesn't, I don't  want you or a civilian getting hurt." Mira took a breath and walked into the alley.

"Stupid little Infernape, thinkin' he can take on me. Damn fire-types playin' dirty. Good thing I kicked his *ss," the muttering voice said. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Mira called. The muttering Pokemon revealed itself to be a tailless Sceptile. "What the f*ck do you want?" The Sceptile spat. "Well, I heard you fight when I was passing by. I decided to stay and see the victor," Mira replied. "Yeah, what's it to you?" Sceptile asked. "Well you seem to be a good fighter but I do believe that you can't be me," Mira smirked. "Oh really, well I've never met a girl with the balls to challenge me," he said, while getting into a fighting stance. Then he clutched his arm and hissed in pain. "You certainly don't look like you can beat me, especially with all those burns," Mira pointed out. "Damn bastard fire-type," Sceptile muttered. "What do you say to a battle at sundown tomorrow right here?" Mira offered. So far so good, she thought. "What makes you think I can't take you on now?" The injured Pokemon spat. "This," Mira said, while using darkpulse. The Sceptile barely dodged the attack. "I'll take you up on your offer," the Sceptile huffed. "We will both be alone. We don't need to drag anyone else into out fight," Mira gave the rules. "Agreed," said the grass-type. "See you tomorrow," Mira called back, walking out of the alley. "What happened?" Crystal asked when Mira walked out. "Good, we have to go talk to Donovan," Mira replied, already on her way to the prison.

"What do you need?" Donovan asked the duo. "We have a lead about the Sceptile. We have heard that he will be in the westernmost  alleyway in the city tomorrow at sundown," Mira stated. "And how exactly do you know this?" Donovan asked. "I arranged this with him myself," Mira replied. "What?! You spoke to him! Why didn't you capture him?!" Donovan almost yelled. "I set up a time so that the police could help catch him. We were supposed to tell the police our leads, no?" Mira fired back. Donovan sighed, "you did the right thing. Civilians could have been in danger so good job. We'll have undercover police stationed around the alley, we'll catch him. Thank you." "Thank you for listening," Crystal thanked. "You two are free to go," Donovan replied. The duo left to prepare for tomorrow.

Timeskip to the next day at sundown

Mira sighed and walked up the westernmost street. As hard as she tried, she couldn't get Crystal to not come. She got her to stay outside the alley, and away from the fighting. Donovan had warned them to be careful and that the undercover police would be ready to help if she needed them. The sun started going down, and the team arrived at the alleyway. Mira took a breath and walked inside, Crystal positioned outside so no one accidentally goes inside.

"So the little girl did show up," a voice from inside said. "I'm not a coward, although you're hiding in the shadows," Mira replied. The Sceptile came out of the shadows and got into a fighting position. Mira also got into a fighting stance. The two stared at each other until the Sceptile attacked first. He used Natural Gift and chucked a berry at Mira. She dodged the attack and used snarl. He was hit while equipping another berry, but he attacked again. This time Mira dodged again and used Darkpulse. It hit him again, and this time he used Substitute. Mira ran up to the Substitute and used Megahorn. The substitute disappeared to reveal Sceptile again. The two Pokemon readied another attack, but this time the Sceptile was attacked from behind by a Dragon Pulse. The grass Pokemon collapsed onto the ground, defeated. The police rushed in with
Donovan on the front. He put a pair of handcuffs on the rouge Pokemon. "You are under arrest," Donovan stated. Crystal came out of the shadows. Mira rushed up to her, "Crystal that was real courageous," Mira praised the little Dratini who used the last attack on the Sceptile. "I wanted to help you," Crystal replied. "And help me you did," Mira smiled. The duo walked down the street, smiling at a job well done.
I would like the evolution slip if you don't mind. Here's a link to my team-…
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