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Task 2

Mira knocked quietly on the office door. "Come in," a voice called from inside. The two Pokemon walked inside to see piles of paperwork.  "Are you two here two help me with the paperwork?" The Pokemon behind a pile of papers asked. "Yes Miss Solstice," Crystal replied. "Alright, how do you propose we do this?" Solstice asked. "We could each take a third of paperwork. Then if one finishes, they could help someone who's struggling," Mira suggested. "That will work. Now let's get started," Solstice replied. The three Pokemon divided up the paperwork and started.

All three piles of completed paperwork were soon growing, and Mira soon finished her stack. She looked up to see who had a bigger pile left, and saw that Crystal looked stuck. She walked over and whispered, "Need some help?" "Yeah, on this one," Crystal whispered back. Mira walked Crystal through the question and soon Crystal figured it out. "Thanks Mira," said the now happy Dratini. Mira smiled, "Now, let's finish the rest." Not long after, Solstice finished his pile, and looked up at Mira and Crystal's shrinking pile. Soon, Crystal's pile was also done. "That was fun, Miss Solstice," Crystal said happily. "Well we got through all of them and you two can leave, I can sort them by myself," Solstice replied. "Well if you have more work, we'd be happy to help you," Mira countered. Solstice looked flustered, "Well I wouldn't want to burden you children. You ca-" "It wouldn't be a burden, we'd be happy to do it," Crystal interjected. Solstice sighed, "Alright fine, you can help me organize." Crystal cheered, making Mira laugh.

Soon all the papers were done and filed in record time! "Thanks a million. Tell me, what would you like for your reward?" The Swoobat asked. "We'd like the quick work quill if you don't mind," Mira replied. "Of course here you go," she gave the team the quill.

Task 3
Mira and Crystal arrived at Chelle’s workshop to make fireworks. "Welcome, right this way if you want to make fireworks," said Chelle, showing the girls to their station. "All of the ingredients are here, but be careful. Some of the ingredients can be dangerous." Chelae warned, walking away. "Ok, let's get started," Mira said, examining the materials they have. "Hmm, what's this?" Mira asked pointing to the gooey black stuff. "Hey that looks like something my dad was talking about with a business partner. They said that it was like a mix of gunpowder and oil, and that it could work for either or both," Crystal replied. "Great memory," Mira praised, causing the Dratini to smile.

"Ok, so what if we take the light clay and use stretch it inside the shell, so it won't explode beforehand and the light will look interesting. Then we can put the gooey black stuff at the bottom near the fuse so we can use it as ignition. We can put the Chargestone dust in the middle of the gooey black stuff so it can suppress its charge until we need it. The Flarevine extract could also be in the gooey black powder. That way the smoke can come out on its way up. And the shoal salt can go around the brightpowder because the powder can glow even on water. Then we can put the compressed Vibrapod Seedlings in three different spots. Then we put in the fuse," Mira listed off what could go where. "Great idea," Crystal agreed, already assembling the firework. Soon the duo had an assembled firework. "Umm Chelle, I think we made it right," Crystal called. "Well the only way to know for sure is to launch it," Chelle replied. The Pokemon led the duo out into a field. "Okay, light 'em up!" Chelle called. Mira lit the fuse, and you the team backed away. The rocket flew into the sky and exploded into the sky in a flash of colors and sounds. "Well done!" Chelle cheered. After the firework was over, Mira and Crystal walked over to Chelle. "Can I get a copy of your plans?" Chelle asked. Crystal handed over a copy of their plans.
These are the two other June tasks. I would like the quick work quill and a copy of my firework plans.

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