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Crystal and Mira walked down the streets of Andalusst. "So we have to talk to Pokemon like Golett? That seems like fun! Maybe we can make some knew friends" Crystal rambled, reading the notice. "We get to learn about their hobbies and what they like," Mira replied, more to herself than he partner. "Mira! Mira, look there's a Porygon!" Crystal said, pointing with her tail. "Let's go talk to it." The team walked over to the normal-type. "Hi," Crystal said first. The Porygon made a noise and Crystal tilted her head, utterly confused. "H-i," the Porygon said in a robotic voice. "I'm Crystal," the Dratini pointed with her tail, "and this is my friend Mira. What's your name?" "My name is Steve," it replied. "Do you want to go to the lake with us?" Mira suggested. The two were planning to explore Andalusst because they hadn't been in town too long. "O-k," Steve said slowly, breaking down the word. "Let's go!" Crystal cheered. 

The three chatted all the way to the lake. The team learned that Steve liked the color red, preferred sunny days to rain, absolutely loved ice cream, and wanted to be a scientist. "Yay! We're here!" Crystal cheered, racing Steve to the lake. The two Pokemon jumped into the water while Mira found a shady spot to sit. The two in the water splashed around in the water. Other Pokemon joined in until there was a water fight going on. Eventually, Steve got tired and came to sit with Mira, and Crystal started swimming out further. "Why didn't you swim?" Steve asked. "I can't swim," Mira replied quietly. Steve didn't press the matter which Mira was thankful for. A strange robotic noise was heard behind them. Mira didn't know what was happening but Steve did. He turned around and replied in the same language. Mira turned around to see a Porygon-Z and a Magnemite. Said Pokemon came over to talk to Steve. The three chatted in their language, leaving Mira lost on the conversation. Even though Mira didn't know what they were saying, she could tell that they were all friends through their body language. "Can we stay?" The Porygon-Z asked. Mira smiled and replied, "of course." 

Crystal came back to the group after swimming. She was happy that there were more Pokemon to talk to. The more the merrier right? The group lounged in the sun until Mira suggested they should get ice cream. Immediately, Steve agreed, as did his two friends. Soon, they were all walking to the other side of the lake. Crystal, Steve, and his two friends were chatting away about whatever popped into their heads. The normal-types had to do some translating for the Magnemite, it wasn't as good at English. 

The five-some had long since eaten their ice cream. Crystal, Steve, and the Porygon-Z were splashing in the water, and Mira and the Magnemite were watching them. The two had a decent conversation, despite the fact that the Magnemite spoke in broken English and often spelled out words. It was easy to tell that all of the Pokemon were having a good time. Sadly, the fun had to end seeing the sun was close to setting. The automated Pokemon said their goodbyes and left. The team also led to find Alexander and tell him what they learned. 

The two arrived at his lab. Mira knocked on the door. "Come in," a voice said from the other side. The team walked in to see Alexander. "Is this about my notice about automated Pokemon?" Alexander asked. "Yep, and we'd like to tell you what we found out," Crystal replied. "We learned that they're not so different. Their original language is different and sometimes their English is a bit hard to understand, but they're like us. They've got their own opinions and ideas," Mira stated. "Thank you girls," Alexander said, "you are free to go." The girls left, happy that they did a good job and made a friend too. 
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Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014
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