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"So all we have to do is get storage carts? That seems pretty simple," Crystal said, reading the errand. "Not nesecarily. Where are we even supposed to bet a storage cart?" Mira asked the (newly evolved) dragonair. "Uhhh-" Crystal started until she was interrupted. "Stupid carpenters, whith their high prices. 'Im sorry sir but we need the money before we can fix your cart.' Yeah right, like I'll ever pay those prices," an angry girafarig was ranting, pulling a broken storage cart. "Hey Mira, should we help him?" Crystal asked, motioning to the angry normal-type. Mira nodded and replied, "yeah, let's help." The team moved forward and started to help push the cart. "What?! Hey, what are you doing?" The girafarig demanded. The team backed away from the cart. "We just wanted to help push it. Sorry to bother you." "Oh no, it's fine," the normal-type said quickly, "you can help me push it." The team resumed pushing and the cart was moving faster. 


The team and the girafarig pushed the cart to a small cottage outside of Andalusst. "Thanks for helping me," the girafarig said, "but I've got no idea what to do with the old thing. I can't pay carpenters prices and I've got no idea how to fix it myself." "Well, you need to mend the back axle and repair the front wheel. Not that hard," Crystal said from underneath the cart. "You can fix that thing?" Girafarig asked. "We will on one condition," Mira said, "our gild needs some storage carts. We will fix it if you let us borrow it." "And this is for your gild? Not some gang?" The normal-type asked. "Yes," Mira replied, showing the gild seal. "Alright, it's a deal" the Girafarig shook paws/hooves with Mira. "Let's get to work Crystal." 

Another timeskip cuz I don't want to write them fixing the cart~

"Sorry to make you do so much Mira. If only I had arms," Crystal said, inspecting the cart. They had fixed the two main problems and had mending some little fixes. "It's fine. This way, I can help too," Mira replied. "Hey, the cart looks amazing! Does it work?" The normal-type asked, amazed by the work of the team. "Let's find out!" Crystal cheered, wheeling it out. The three Pokemon pushed it all around through every terrain they could find. It worked like it was brand-new. "Thanks kids. As promised, you can have it," Girafarig said. "Wait, we just wanted to use it," Crystal quickly said. "Nah, you kids are the only reason it's like this. Please keep it," the Girafarig said sternly. "But sir-" "I'm not taking no for an answer," the normal-type cut off Mira. "Are you sure?" Mira asked. "Yes, I'm sure" the girafarig relied. "Alright," they team wheeled the cart off, the Girafarig waving them off. 

They arrived back at the Hunter's gild. "Umm... Where do we put the cart?" Crystal asked. "Let's ask Robin," Mira said, pointed to said Pokemon. The team walked over to her and asked, "Miss Robin, where should we put the cart?" "Just put it over there," Robin pointed over to the other carts. "Ok," Crystal said, the duo wheeling the cart over to the others. "Thank you for getting a cart. You can leave now," Robin said. "Alright. Let's go," Mira turned, followed by the dragonair 
Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014

Heres a link to my team-…

yep. This is soooo bad. I wrote this in like an hour
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