PMDU Errand #7 (featuring team sweetdrops)

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"We get to plant trees? And other plants? That sounds fun!" Crystal cheered as the team walked towards the forest. "Yep," Mira replied, smiling at Crystal's childishness. The team arrived at the edge of the forest to see Gavina showing Pokemon what to do and where to go. "Great, more Pokemon to help out," Gavina said more to herself, pulling Crystal and Mira into the crowd. "Ok, you two can work over here with, um I forgot their names," Gavina said, pulling them over to a Combusken and Ralts. "Hi," Crystal introduced. "I'm Crystal and this is my friend Mira." "I'm Sena," the Combusken introduced. "And I'm Sino," the Ralts said. 

The four Pokemon actually had a lot of fun planting. Crystal tried planting, seeing she had no arms, but then she found use watering the planted trees and getting Sena slightly wet. Sadly, Sena's reaction was hilarious for everyone but her. She was ranting and Sino was trying to calm her down. But after that, everyone had fun. Sino and Sena made random jokes and Crystal joined them in random conversations about every topic they could think of. Gavina saw their work and had them start planting berries too. 

"And there was this time that we had to be entertaining so we started singing," Sino chatted about their adventures. "Well, there was this one time, we had of chat with automated Pokemon, and we met a Porygon named Steve," Crystal said. "We'll there was this one time when poem were getting stolen from and, and, what happened?" Sino looked over at Sena. "You made me help," Sena replied. Mira chuckled at the kids before her. They were just so funny. Crystal went over to the pile of seeds and realized. "Guys, they're no more seeds left." "Really?" Mira said, looking over at the pile. Sure enough, they're were no more left. Then she looked over at Team Sweetdrops. For a fraction of a second, they both looked guilty. Mira smirked and asked, "Sino~? Sena~? Who wouldn't know where some of them went you'd you?" "She ate them," Sino blurted, pointing at Sena. "You ate some first," Sena shot back. "I did not! She did," Sino said, pointing at Crystal. "You're not going to rat us out, right?" Crystal asked. Mira laughed and replied, "no, I'm not going to rat to out. Because I ate some too." Everyone burst out laughing. Gavina came over to see them done. "Well, if you're finished you can go," Gavina said. The two teams left, trying to look innocent as they left. When they were out of earshot, they burst out laughing. "That was fun!" Crystal cheered. Team sweetdrops headed in a different direction. "Hey! We should do something like that again!" Crystal said. "Yeah!" Sino agreed. "We should!" Sena agreed. They waved before taking off. "See you!" Mira called back at them. "We should go too." The team left, laughing about what just happened 
Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014

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That was cute! ^w^