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Russetlocks the Lone

So happy we finally get to show our ROLEMODELS pieces! So here’s my piece for the show which opens on October 25th at Light Grey Art Lab~

Russetlocks the Lone | Thicket-dweller + Troll-feller
"During harvest, Russetlocks makes her living alongside a shaded lane in Hedgepath Wood, selling nuts, berries, and mushrooms to travelers passing by. The rest of the year, she spends time with her goat, Bocephus, roaming the deep woods, learning new songs from wandering minstrels, and ridding farms of the unwelcome troll-kind that wander down from Cwmwldu Peak."

You can find this 10.5” x 18”archival print HERE at the LGAL shop for $30! All the pieces created for the show are also cards in a game LGAL created called The Battle for Vyk’Tornaahl. You can order the game here!
There are some really out of this world illustrations in this show and I'm honored I got to take part!
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cullyferg2010's avatar
Or is this Merida in disguise?
CrystalCurtisArt's avatar
Nope! It's myself! lol
cullyferg2010's avatar
That troll is ether going rape the goat or what ever comes frist
cullyferg2010's avatar
Love the color and the shadows.  Also her expression before spinning about and nailing that troll.  Bocephus seems rather small for a pack goat.
RockerRainMarie's avatar
SicilianValkyrie's avatar
Beautiful work! <3
venatorfend's avatar
Wow! It's really great one!
Tatertot88's avatar
So this is like my favorite card in the whole deck. The games fairly decent but I think I just like looking at the artwork instead, they really did find some sensational artist.
DaveyBlazeCustoms's avatar
I Love your stuff! You have a great style and awesome use of colors :)
lou2209's avatar
aw dude awesome colours! <3
ShadowbladeRavyn's avatar
That troll is very Norwegian.
dawnoftheviolet's avatar
your art just gets better and better the more i look at it!~ XD
Gemberry's avatar
So many details! And the atmosphere of the wood, how do you draw the wood? :O_o: Stunning! And I Love her hair! (I'm so crazy about red hair haha)
Zephyrhant's avatar
The colors, the composition...! Everything looks great! :love:
I mean, forest, mushrooms, trolls and a ranger nothing is missing! :la:

Great as always, dear! :hug:
NordicLynx's avatar
I love all the details and colours :)
NibbleKat's avatar
The details in this make me drool.
RaisloverSakura's avatar
Wow this is just absolutely gorgeous!
The colors of this piece are just brilliant!
Gorgeous details and the troll and expressions are just wonderful!! :heart:
CrystalCurtisArt's avatar
Thank you, Rais! :glomp: I had alot of fun with that troll. xD I need to draw creatures like that more often!
Gabs37's avatar
Dear god Julie this is absolutly fantastic!! so beautiful and full of detail!! the colors, the faces the creatures i just...i could stare at this forever! your lines and way of shading, i love them and i love this!! :love:
CrystalCurtisArt's avatar
Wow, thank you so much, Gabi!!! :tighthug:
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