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pusheen shimeji

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Took me forever to do this if you have any problems with it please tell me and if i have time i'll try and fix it. This is my first time making a shimeji so I'm an amateur at this :/ i've tried to perfect it as much as i can and please leave a comment if you like it (:  
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I dont know how to use/run it. please tell me how to use it. Thanks.

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i cant run it :(

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i don't have the shimeji dropping down from my screen

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no tiene el .exe ejecutable solo estan los archivos pero no con el que abre, podrias subirlo, gracias.

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This may not be related, but how do we make a shimeji house? No results in search. And I want a house where the shimeji can go in. I don't think anybody thought of it.
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I'm not sure if that's possible. The only possible solution (in my perspective, i don't make Shimejis or code) is to make a Shimeji House, and when the other comes in contact, maybe make a frame for when they are inside.
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When I make Pusheen sit and spin head it flicks between the ice cream and thinking of pizza frames I tried changing it in the code but it didn't work, could i have a little help pretty please

Edited:   Never mind I didn't close and reload it once I had changed bits of code
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could you make a stormy shimeji
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Dunno why pusheen images have a lot of aliasing... is that normal?  New Canvas by haithuong313  
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how do I download it?
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1. You will need to download WINRAR for the easiest way to download this: (You need to download one of the first 2 links titled WinRAR 64 bit or WinRAR 32 bit,
If you have a windows 10 you should use a 64 bit)
2. Download the fixed version below:…
3. Update your Java here (if you havent already)…

Once you have those 3 steps done, create a new folder on your desktop. Go back into winrar and find the Pusheen file, then right click and choose "extract file to specified folder" then choose the file on your desktop. After that, go into the file on your desktop and select Shimeji-ee and you should be good to go!
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Thank you so much for sharing this! I downloaded it and I love him. It's amazing!
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hello fellow deviants!
(btw, lovely shimeji!)
from the comments section, it appears many of you are having trouble with the shimeji, as in there is no executable file, or it simply won't work. However, I have made a fixed version (if that's okay with the owner), which has the same image files, but it is now executable. 
here is the link to fixed version!
(CrystalClearCC , if you're not okay with this, I understand and I will remove the link if you wish)
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Thanks so muchhhh ^u^
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you're welcome! uwu
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How do you download? I have several shimejis but this one I'm not finding the link, can someone tell me? 
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help me i click on the and all it sayd is conttents then it does not show anything else
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it doesn't work. hwne i try to open the .app shimeji file with 7zip, it says that the file can harm my pc. sorry, it didnt work. upload a video to Y-tube on how to get it to work please. i really want pusheen on my desktop '^'
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There's no Shimeji icon to open it... :1
I have Windows and it comes up with just some text files I can't understand and a LICENCE textfile. :1
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it should work with windows, there should be 6 files, one of them named 'shimeji' click on that, it's an app file so it should open, you may need to download or update java though
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