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Hey guys! The Sister Sister website needs a little redecorating...and here's your chance to decorate it with your art! Every 5 days I'll change the banner to something different during the holidays. I know this is kind of a late start, but I just had the idea today :p

I'll be accepting holiday and new year themed banners!

Banner specifics (VERY important!):
  • MUST be 1000 x 300 pixels! It won't work if it's bigger or smaller.
  • Has to have "Sister Sister" someplace in the image.
  • Can be any character(s) doing anything (no NSFW!)
  • Must be your own art (don't steal or use a base)
  • the background has to be transparent or use this color #090b14 (dark blue)
  • can be a gif (animated)
  • Do not move it or re-name it! Since the site grabs the image URL it's important to not change or remove the image. If you do, it can't find it and it won't show up!
Rules for banner art
  • again, no NSFW content
  • any level of talent is accepted!
  • must be Sister Sister related (obviously)
  • You can include your chracter(s) too!
  • Keep it in the resolution as stated above
  • Have fun with it!

I'll be doing this for every holiday! If you want to do one for a future holiday, feel free!

List of holidays
  • Christmas (and any other holiday that comes this time of year)
  • New years
  • Valentine's Day
  • Easter
  • Mother's and Father's Day
  • Independence day (4th of July)
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
Current banner (so you get the idea what yours may look like)

When your banner is put on the site, I'll give a link back to you in the author comments. This banner will be seen on both comic sites! I'll also use your banner for next season 

Have fun guys! If you have any questions, just ask!

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BirdGVee's avatar
oh DANG, I really wanna do  this. :D
CrystalCircle's avatar
I can't wait to see what you come up with! ^^
BirdGVee's avatar
I'm working on it ^^ it's gonna a bit sketchy tough maybe.. I have to smoothen it out. Didn't get it finished last night. ^^;
CrystalCircle's avatar
That's fine ^^ Take all the time you need!
BirdGVee's avatar
Here it is: Through the snow storm by BirdGVee

Mind the description, please, and feel free to tell me when it doesn't fit with the background color. ^^
BirdGVee's avatar
Don't say that to me. The last person who said that has been waiting for his animation-background for 2 weeks now. XDDDD
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
Noooo! I really wish I was good at art, but sadly no.

Where is this site you're talking about, I would like to see it.
CrystalCircle's avatar
There are two ^^ This is the most complete one…

This one is still a work in progress (this site will give you a warning about it being "adult content". Just click 'ok', and it will let you through)
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
Thanks, I'll look a little more into them tomorrow.
zhidkovv's avatar
I wish I was an artist...
Your posts make me jealous, and it sucks! 
CrystalCircle's avatar
zhidkovv's avatar
"I sorry"
Words of that one dragon from your first comic, haha!
CrystalCircle's avatar
fff that's what I get for trying to respond on mobile XD I type too fast and forget letters or even entire words sometimes!
zhidkovv's avatar
It makes for hilarious instances though... I totally get the pain.
By the way, just to make you cringe, I used to type with my index finger only.
CrystalCircle's avatar
Not going to cringe because I used to do that too XD I was a terrible typer! 
zhidkovv's avatar
Heh, I taught myself how to thumb type by playing Piano Tiles 2. It actually helps.
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