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**Spoilers-Sister Sister-my new wallpaper

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I marked it as a spoiler in case you didn't check out the latest page yet. I was going to wait until next week, but I'm super happy about how this looks on a computer and I wanted to share :D

That's how big the comic pages really are...they are big enough to make wallpapers out of! The pages I post here are almost a third of the true size! This wallpaper shown here is strictly for my $20+ Patreons because I did some work to it, but the unedited one will be available to all of you next week! 

ALL my wallpapers are widescreen. If you need ones for smaller resolutions, I can start making those available!
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soo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOAHHHH it's amazing it's too good so I would fondd a screen like that woahhhh ca impresses me and gives me even more desire to draw. Super truly amazing job , that's why I continue to learn drawing I want to do something like that again WOAHHHHHH
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Thank you so much! :hug: Keep on drawing, my friend! the more you do, the more you improve and the better you feel. At least that's how I feel about it :D
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Wow that is Amazing :D
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Don't interrupt someone in the middle of their fanfiction ship story XD 
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XD nope! bad idea!
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Dang, those are some scary fangs (not the fiery ones).
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He's got lots of pointy teeth :D Thanks!
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Woah! That's was on the cover!! It's awesome!
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Yep! :D And thanks! 
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I knew you would be the one to play Portal 2, haha!
I want dis and i want dis naow!
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I LOVE Portal XD I should go back and play through it again. It's been a while. I took me forever to beat it the first time! Some of the puzzles are really difficult, but they are all so good!
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I speed ran it the first time around, just for fun. Completed it in a week or so...
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Wait..... you have ateam?!?!?! AWESOME! But That background is awesome!
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Ooh yeah! I don't do too much with it other than play Portal2 and chat with friends XD Once I graduate I may get more game for it.
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