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Sister Sister-official hidden tongue language ref

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I was going to wait until the point in the comic the explains the language to post this, but you would have to wait until the end pf chapter 1 it is early!'ll need this for today's page if you want to translate what our new chracter is saying.

The language was written and spoken by the ancients, but was lost after Rare wiped out most of the ancient dragons. However, a few dragons still speak it as a means of secret communication. You can see what they are saying with this helpful sheet! As I image it, the language is gruff and throaty and sounds nothing like any spoken language...almost beast-like. It's a series of grunts and growls formed into a primitive language.

I'm selling the file for this!! You can download this font and use it in Microsoft Word and other programs! Purchase it by hitting the "purchase" option to the right.

I'm not sure how you install it on Macs, but here's the PC instructions:

1.) Open Fonts by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Fonts

2.) Copy and paste the font file into the list

After that, the font is ready to use! BUT since it's a hand-drawn font, the letter spacing can be a bit off. It's something you have to play with. Sorry for that, but that's the way the font-maker made it :p
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sister sister hiddem tongue
I love solving stuff like this
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Wow, you know? I never thought of having one of these, this is really good and it has sparked a lightbulb in my head too :lightbulb:
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Ohh cool! You may be interested in this then!

This lets you make your own fonts! I used it to make these :D
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Awesome language! =D
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is the top few words whats on the letter?
nvm translated it lol
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i think i will learn it and use it for letters, maybe ^^
(if it's ok)
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That's totally fine! Thanks! :D
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me and a group of friends made a language once
it was called beepish and the letters came out as beeps boops and didalyumbips
it was fun :D
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sounds cool! :D my friends and I tried making a language, but we just let it go to gibberish XD
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Thanks XP
the real reason we made it was for a project at school
however it very quickly grew and now not only is it used almost daily
but i can write in it very fluently and i'm not the only one

but yeah it was fun the letters are a series of lines dots and parentheses shaped curves
and honestly we never made a spoken version however the people it was made for could
we just never took the time to do that part XP

but eh it's fun to pass notes in it because then when the teacher catches us she can't read it and winds up having to ask whoever passed it to read it
then they say the complete opposite and me and my friends laugh because we know that's not what it really said

me and my friends are boozoo's and we know it XP
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You made a tongue?! Awesome!
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Thanks! :D It was fun to make!
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