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Sister Sister-World Map WIP

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Feeling sick, but I need to work on art stuff. I decided to revisit the map I started and this is what I have so far. The final map will have more details and will be printed and available as a print on my store. The silhouettes you see are the locations of primary kingdoms of each the sky and thunder wings do not live in the ocean. I just didn't get to draw their floating islands yet.

Also if you are wondering how I got the lad masses' boarders to look realistic, I saved a picture of what I traced to get it.… Works suuuper well!

I'll get this done eventually. The pages are my main focus with the comic at the moment. Also eventually there will be a maps tab on the website where you can see the detail of certain areas as well as track where characters are going as the story progresses. It will be updated as characters move around.
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I remember this! The desert is well placed as the land masses break up moisture on the west and the Mountains do the same for the North. Did you shade the biomes based off where the currents would be?
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Neat.  Keep up the good work.
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A map helps a lot, especially if you will trace out the movements like you said!
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Thanks! Yeah the story involves a lot of traveling and going back to revisit places we've seen in other parts of the comic. A map helps me so I thought it would help everyone :D
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This looks very good :) and actually it screams Originality and the landmasses... Ohh I wanna know how the world evolved like from the creation to today :D
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Thanks! There is a lot of backstory with the world itself, but we won't see it for a long time. This is actually very close to how I imagined it looking. That's why that weather pattern I used to draw it was so perfect! My earlier maps looked similar, but the land masses didn't look natural enough....I suck at drawing maps really D:
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Suck? No way this is too awesome! Looking at this I want you to draw the map of my world cause... well... my map drawing skills suck big time, as I can't even draw anything ^^;
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