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Sister Sister Species

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The images of the species to go along with this [link]

These are the species in my web comic Sister Sister!

You can read it here [link]
And in these two groups :iconcc-comics: :iconsister-sister-comic:
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Woah! I see very improvement since I started following you =D
And nice dragons ^^
*wanting to have a Pseudo dragon as a pet now xD*
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Thanks! I want a Pseudo dragon and a big fluffy frost wing! XD
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psuedo dragon ...a.k.a everyone's pet lizzard
CrystalCircle's avatar
XD Oh how I'd love to have one as a pet! ^^
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*whistles* Not bad, not bad.
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Thanks! I forgot the frost wing though ^^; I'll fix it soon!
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When I was reading about the Butterfly Dragons I kept thinking they had Butterfly Wings...Was wrong on that...
Question..Where's the Frost wings?
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Here is a frost wing image [link] It was for a contest, but since he didn't place I made that design into the Frost wing species ^^
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Just going to reply to this Comment for both
Your Welcome! ^^
So..Frost wings look like Snow Leopards(Marking wise)
Okay, Now I've got another Favorite Dragon species: Frost Wings, Butterfly Dragons and Pseudo dragons..Got to many Favorites...
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XD Thanks! I love the frost wings...they look evil, but they really aren't so bad...I can't wait to start drawing them in the actual comic! ^^
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And I can't wait to see them in the Comic! ^^
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Ohh fuuu....I knew I forgot something! >-< Thanks for telling me!

The butterfly dragons do have large wings that can be shaped like butterfly wings....I'm probable going to draw an overview image of their wings...the side view doesn't show it really well XD
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All are really great X3
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You're welcome X3
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