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Sister Sister-Prologue-13 and 14

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Two page spreads are fun to make!
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Other places to find Sister Sister (the main site is the one linked above)

The Duck webcomics
Tumblr <--this is also the character ask blog!

This comic is rated 17+ for violence, blood, gore and some foul language!

Brief synopsis

A young dragon named Bo, must face a great challenge to end a centuries old war between two gods that has left his clan in ruin. With the help of the guardian dragons, a mail dragon named Blue Eyes and the great dragon god of light, Bo must protect his adopted sister, who may hold the key to ending the war once and for all.

If you read the old pages before, please don't spoil anything to new readers! Your comments will be hidden!

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Thanks so much! ^^
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Just curious, who is that little dragon that is wrapped up in the tail of the ancient?
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A spoiler XD we will learn about him later 
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lol  I have a feeling that he is going to be a lost heir that will reclaim the throne somehow
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Can't say if you're right or wrong, but good theory ;)
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Like a fucking moron, he doesn't kill him. I can't imagine that comming back to bite him
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There is actually a good reason why he didn't kill him ;) and no it's not to add a plot to the story XD
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:iconnostalgiacriticplz:Yes, what is the chance of an ancient evil we don't completely kill of possibly coming back and biting us in...
:iconnostalgiacriticplz:That doesn't count, he's an eye
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What art program did u use to make this so good?!
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Paint tool sai! And thanks! :D
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Breathtaking! Love your art style in this prologue!
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Good work on this and I am enjoying reading the comic pages of this aswell, keep it up.
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Rare looks so calm and accepting... And what in the world is Fury doing?
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Well he did almost get killed by Fury, so he can't really do anything about...whatever he is doing XD
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But still, he looks like a child... So cute.
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